Saturday, August 5, 2017

Back from Disneyland and D23

Hi friends!  As you know, we've been crazy busy lately.  Eliot and I have returned from our trip to California for the D23 Expo and Disneyland.  We've actually been home for almost 2 weeks now, but we've been working on getting caught up on orders for Happily Ever Hatter.  We're still incredibly busy with orders, and we got really behind when I got pink eye again.  Thankfully, we're almost caught up.  We've decided to close our shop to general orders for the month of August so we can get fully caught up and focus on pre-prders for some of our new designs.  (Yay for new designs!!!)

However, I did want to swing by quickly to post about our trip!  We had a great time, but it was really, really, really hot.  Eliot and I are used to it being hot and humid in Maine, but this was something else.  It was really hot and we were unmotivated to do much.  In hindsight, we both agree that we should have gone out for the D23 Expo and then returned home.  We then could have spent a week at Disneyland some other time when it was a little cooler.  But, it was fun to be there for Disneyland's 62nd Birthday and to see the first official show of the return of Fantasmic!!!  That was a lot of fun!

I did make two bucket lists for our trip, one for Disneyland and one for the D23 Expo, but I ran out of time to post them before we left.  I had every intention of doing it, but Eliot and I pulled an all nighter the night before we left and we still didn't finish all of the ears we wanted to.  I couldn't take the time to type them up into a blog post.  However, I took the time to make the lists, so instead, I'll post the lists and the results together in one post so you can see what we were up to!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to stop by more often this month since we're toning it down with our shop, but I guess we'll see how it turns out.  I've got a goal list for August that includes preparing to launch two other business endeavors, working on the house and trying to enjoy a little bit of summer and some fun in the sun activities!  I guess we'll see how this pans out!  Just know that I'll be here as often as I can.  If I'm not here, hopefully that means I'm finally out enjoying the summer and nice weather and getting a little bit of relaxation in!!!  °o°

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