Monday, January 14, 2019

Vacationing with Mickey and the Sharks

It's the final countdown!!!  Two days from right about now, Eliot and I will be at the airport getting ready to board our plane to Orlando!  I'm so excited to set off on this adventure!  It feels like forever, yet also just yesterday, since we visited Mickey.  In reality, we haven't seen Mickey in Florida since last April, and we last saw him in California in June/July at Pixar Fest last summer.  So it's been a few months, but it's gone by really quickly too!

I'm super excited about this trip.  This one feels extra special!  Not only are we going to Disney, but it's an extended trip and we get to see some hockey!!!  We leave this Wednesday and we'll be in Walt Disney World until the following Friday.  Then, we jet off across the country to California, where we'll be in Eliot's hometown of San Jose for the 2019 National Hockey League All-Star Game!!!

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But that's not all... we're going to see the Epcot Festival of the Arts on opening weekend!  I've wanted to attend the festival since it first started two years ago and we finally were able to go this year!  (Lucky number three!)  I'm so excited to see all of the art on display.  And I'm obsessed with Disney art so I'm sure we'll be bringing a few prints home with us!  Ahh, I can't wait!!!

We'll also be at Walt Disney World for the premiere of Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Celebration at the Magic Kingdom on January 18th!  Ever since I saw the photos of their fun, new outfits I've been totally obsessed.  In fact, we're bringing multiple pairs of ears for the occasion!  I ran out of time to complete my outfit, but you can bet it will be making an appearance on our next WDW trip!

And that's still not it!  While in Florida, we're also going to see two San Jose Sharks games!  When we decided to go to WDW for the art festival, we had two different weekends in mind.  I happened to check the Sharks schedule and they were in Florida over the second weekend we were looking into going.  At that moment, it was decided that we'd go this week so we could overlap with their games.  Next Saturday, we'll be at the Tampa Bay Lightning game and a week from today we'll be at their game versus the Florida Panthers!  Eliot's Dad Rick is even flying out to go to the games with us!

Finally, like I said above, we'll wrap up our trip in California.  The San Jose Sharks are hosting the NHL All-Star festivities this year.  They haven't hosted it since 1997 so this was a really big deal.  Three of our players have been selected to go, and my favorite player is included!  (I literally squealed with joy when Eliot told me he was on the final roster!)  I'm so excited to see the best hockey players in the world all in one place.  I think it'll be a really cool experience and I'm so excited to be going!

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I really can't wait.  After all the hard work and late nights Eliot and I put in to get all of our mouse ear orders out in time for Christmas, this is the fruit of all that labor.  And we're cashing in big time!  Here's to another magical vacation, visiting our favorite mice and cheering on our Sharks!!!  °o°