Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Music City Bound

Eliot and I have been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't let you all in on another adventure that we're about to embark on.  We're kicking off June by visiting Nashville, Tennessee for the first time ever!  His youngest sister, Elissa, has a summer internship at the Nashville Zoo and we volunteered to help her move down there.

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Eliot and I are both pretty excited to explore this new city.  He's a huge country music fan and he's always wanted to go there someday.  This was the perfect opportunity so we took it!  We have a few things we want to do while down there... and I'm sure I'll be adding to the list before we fly down this Friday night!  Unfortunately, Eliot won't get to stay for too long, but he'll there long enough to get Elissa moved into her apartment before returning to Maine next Tuesday night.

I will then be down there with Elissa until the following Tuesday!  She and I have plans to explore the city and go to a country concert.  I'm going to play Momma Bear and make sure she knows where all the really important stuff is: hospital, local police station, walk-in clinic, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.  She and I will also be taking her bus route to the zoo so she'll know how much time she should allow for it each morning.  Then, after her first day of work is over, she and I will go out to dinner to celebrate before I have to leave for Maine the next day.

I'm so excited to explore a new city and to see what Nashville has to offer!  Not a bad way to kick off our summer, huh?  I'll be sure to post an update once I return!  °o°

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  1. Nashville is such a fun, awesome city. My son, from Maine, married a woman from Nashville that he met in college in DC and the wedding was in Nashville. A side note: the mother and son dance was to Zip A Dee Do Dah because when he was in grammar school I used to sing that song to him when I woke him up, it was so touching he chose that song as a tribute!