Saturday, May 4, 2013

It All Started with a Mouse

It all started with a mouse.

Well, I guess for me, it all started with a Little Mermaid.  But without the mouse, there would have been no mermaid.  Let me explain…

Hi!  I’m Melissa and I’m a self proclaimed Disney geek.  I have been for as long as I remember.  Most of my life has involved Disney in some way or another.   I grew up going to Walt Disney World on family vacations and have been 13 times.  I’ve also been to Disneyland once.  I’ve always loved the design of the theme parks and I love looking at all of the small details that most guests miss.  I know all sorts of random facts about the parks.  I usually cry when I arrive on property, and I always cry when I leave.  Disney is pure magic and it always will be.

My first Disney memory was when my parents took me to see The Little Mermaid in theaters.  It was 1989 and I had just turned 5 years old.  I grew up in a small coastal town in Maine so driving an hour to the movie theater was a really big deal.  I remember going to Sears at the mall before the movie and I was really excited that my cousin and I were going to see a movie!  Little did my 5-year-old self know that this was the beginning of something much bigger than me. 

I absolutely loved it.  The bright colors of the mermaids and fish were enchanting.  The music was catchy and I would sing the songs over and over.  I loved the story of how Ariel became a human so she could marry her prince.  It was magic to me.

Me in our garden with my Little Mermaid sweatshirt.

So, for me it all started with a Little Mermaid.  This blog is about my journey, my memories, my experiences and My Disney Life.

To all who come to this happy place, welcome.