Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Disney Wedding DVD

Hello again!  I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA the past few weeks.  I had an unexpected back injury and I’ve spent a good amount of time on our couch or in bed.  Instead of spending countless hours on my computer I allowed myself to get completely sucked into a certain book trilogy where hungry teens fight to the death in an arena for entertainment.  And then I re-read the series a second time, you know, for good measure?  Anyways…

We finally watched our Disney Wedding DVD last night to celebrate our 8-month anniversary.  I’ve been dying to watch it since it came in the mail, but I wanted to really enjoy it.  The stabbing backaches I’d been having didn’t really make me want to suffer through it in misery.

I’ll admit, I was also a little nervous to see the final product!  Our wedding photos came out so good that I had a lot of expectations for the video.  I’m not a huge fan of seeing myself on video and I was afraid that I’d laugh through our entire wedding video at my own ridiculousness.  And who likes the sound of their voice on a video?  I sound so weird!

Before Disney did the final edits, we had to send in information for the DVD style, music and the credits.  I had spent a few weeks stressing over the music for the video.  And even once I picked a few songs that I knew I’d like, I was still terrified of it being awful.  So with our 8-month anniversary as the perfect excuse to watch finally it, we took the leap.

I have to admit that it was even better than I expected it to be!  I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect.  I knew that they’d have a 10-12 minute montage of wedding images and that we’d have complete footage from our Ceremony.  I knew that we had video at our Reception and our IllumiNations VIP Dessert Party but I didn’t know how they’d include it!

We got a very professional DVD in great packaging.  When the DVD starts it says Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and goes to a “room” where a book on a table opens with “Once Upon a Time…”  Then we selected to watch our wedding and were pleasantly surprised with the mash up between our post-wedding interview and images from our wedding day.  Both Eliot and I had forgotten that we even took a lot of the interview shots.  So it was kind of fun to see those again. 

After that, we had our full ceremony coverage and then footage from our reception.  This was probably my favorite.  It was great to see the introductions, our first dance, the toasts, our father/daughter and mother/son dances, our cake cutting and then everyone partying on the dance floor with Mickey and Minnie!  I was fine until we got to our dance with Mickey and Minnie to “Remember When” by LeAnn Rimes.  Then the tears started falling down my cheeks.  Finally, we ended the wedding portion of the video with the full IllumiNations show.  They cut to us as well as a few of our guests watching the show.  And the video quality is awesome!  I’m so excited just to have a professional quality video of IllumiNations!

After that, we skipped Chapter Selection assuming that was how we could jump around the previous “wedding” section.  We selected our Through the Years Montage and it was a simple slideshow of the photos I emailed Disney set to the music that I selected.  We probably didn’t need the Through the Years Montage on our actual Wedding DVD, but that’s ok.

It was fun to re-live our wedding memories!  I’m so glad that we decided to spend the money on the video.  We’re also planning to have a viewing party with our friends sometime, so stay tuned!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to watch it! :)

  2. Sounds amazing! I hope I get to see it some time!!

  3. I found one of these at a thrift store.