Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

Well, it's been over a month since our first wedding anniversary and I realized that I never wrote a recap about it!  It's been a crazy month and we basically celebrated our anniversary over a 2 week period.

The actual day of our wedding anniversary, we were going to a Boston Red Sox game.  It wasn't really planned.  It just so happened that the game that we got tickets for was on our anniversary.  My Mom, Dad and brother Jeremy went with us.  Eliot had to leave work early so we could drive down to Boston in time for the game.

Eliot and I went to college in Boston, so we're very familiar with the commuter rail and the subway, or the "T".  We arrived at Fenway Park about 30 minutes before the game started. The Red Sox had been doing really well and if they won that night, they'd clench the AL East.  (Spoiler Alert: For those of you who don't pay attention to sports, they're now going to the World Series!)  The last week before the playoffs is a fun time to go to a game!

Ironically, Eliot and I sat in the "12" and "13" seats in our row.  It was totally appropriate since we were celebrating our 2012-2013 anniversary year!  And the game was awesome! The Red Sox played the Toronto Blue Jays and ended up winning 6-3.  

After the game, the Sox celebrated on the pitcher's mound.  A lot of the fans stayed in the stadium long after the game ended.  We usually let the crowds go before us.  We stayed and got a few post game photos before heading back towards the T.    

As you can see, we wore our Mr. and Mrs. Cady custom wedding shirts.  (We stood out a bit in the sea of blue, white and red.)  Ironically, my Mom and Dad were wearing their Wedding Party shirts as well.  Jeremy laughed and said that he must have missed the memo.

Upon our return to Maine, we had an Edible Arrangement waiting for us from Eliot's family. We ended up getting two of them.  Our landlord was nice enough to sign for it and put it in our refrigerator since we'd already left for the Sox game when the delivery driver arrived. We got another one on the following Monday just in case the first one spoiled in our absence.  It was a lot of fruit!  But it was really yummy.

The arrangement was one of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ones and they added a pineapple "1" to the center.  Eliot and I also enjoyed the pineapple Mickeys.  But my favorites were the chocolate covered banana, apples and strawberries.  I also washed out and saved the vase that they came in.  We're planning to put one of them in our Mickey themed bathroom.

Since the Edible Arrangements took up a lot of space in the refrigerator, we decided to hold off on thawing out our wedding cake.  (Something told me before we left not to bother since we'd be gone overnight for the Sox game anyways, and I'm glad I listened to my gut!)  We held off on the cake until a week or so after our actual anniversary.  (And once we ate all of the fruit and chocolates!)

One of the things that we did do to celebrate our anniversary was to get a frame for the wedding gift that Eliot's sister, Elissa, gave us.  She'd made this beautiful print of us out of charcoal for her art class.  We measured it out and I found a poster frame at Target that fit it perfectly!  I'm really happy with how it looks in it's new frame!  It seemed appropriate since the first anniversary is supposed to be "paper."

A few days after our "actual" anniversary, we decided it was time to break out the cake.  

Our wedding cake was one of my favorite parts of our wedding.  Not only was it stunning, but it was delicious!  The details of the sea shells and seahorses really made it pop.  And since Eliot and I really didn't get to eat much of our cake during our wedding, I was really looking forward to our anniversary.

In order to transport it from Disney to Maine, we sent my Mom's cousin Donna (who was storing it in FL for us) a special insulated foam box with freeze packs.  My Mom got it from the local lobster pound and it's how they ship out their lobsters.  They know what they're doing when it comes to shipping food!  After we received it in the mail, it stayed wrapped up in our freezer until we were ready to eat it!  I carefully moved it from the freezer to the refrigerator so it could thaw out.  

I opened the box not sure what to expect, but it looked like the cake was still pretty much intact and most of the white chocolate Cinderella's Castle topper was as well!  I cut us each a piece not sure what I should expect it to taste like.  (It ended up tasting just like I remembered it did.  Yum!)

I also took out our Wedding Toast glasses that we bought from the Disney Store online.  I was excited to use them again as well.  Eliot's not big on champagne, so we bought sparkling apple cider instead.

We enjoyed our wedding cake and a toast to our first year of marriage during a relaxing evening at home watching television.  And it was perfectly magical!  °o°

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