Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holiday Decorations

Hey everyone!

I finally took the photos off of my iPhone this afternoon.  I wanted to share with you some of the festive decorations that Eliot and I have found in some of our local stores!  There's still a good amount of Disney items in our local Wal-Mart and Target, so maybe you'll find some at a store near you!

Wal-Mart Halloween

First, we found a lot of items in Wal-Mart towards the end of summer and beginning of the school year.  They had small figurines and snow globes, inflatable characters, Halloween cards, coloring books, stickers, treat bags and coloring books.  We ended up getting a Mickey and Minnie snow globe and the figurines.  And I actually already had some of the Halloween cards from last year!

Around mid-September, Wal-Mart really started to get all of their Halloween merchandise out.  We found these one night while we were walking by!  I love door greeters!  My brother got me a few for winter and Christmas a few years ago.  We absolutely fell in love with these!

I also found this really cute juniors shirt!  I haven't gotten one yet, but I'm going to check out what sizes they still have the next time we go to Wal-Mart!

After a lot of number crunching, we decided to go back for some of the door greeters.  Ok, maybe "some" is not a great word to describe our miniature shopping spree...

We ended up with Minnie as Tinkerbell and Mickey as Captain Hook for our front window. Then Eliot really wanted Mike and Sulley, so we got them to put in the entryway.  Then, I couldn't help it.  We had to get an extra Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse as gifts for some very special people.

My Dad is a volunteer firefighter in my hometown.  Eliot and I buy him pretty much anything and everything involving Mickey as a firefighter.  (He has quite the display in his office at home.)  So of course, we had to get him the Mickey Firefighter door greeter.  We gave it to him and my Mom a few weekends ago when they came down to visit.  This is Mickey all buckled up to ride to his new home.

Target Halloween

We also went to Target mid-September.  They didn't have as many Disney Halloween items, but we did find a Cinderella that you push in to a pumpkin.  I've never seen these before but I thought that it was kind of a cute idea.

We also found Minnie and Mickey Mouse pumpkin push-ins.  Minnie was wearing a pink and lime witch outfit... and my wedding senses were tingling.  We ended up getting Mickey and Minnie figuring that we could use them for many more years to come.

Wal-Mart Thanksgiving

One night in late September, Eliot went to Wal-Mart to pick up some dinner for us.  He decided to swing by the Halloween items to check out if they had anything new, and he found Mickey and Minnie Pilgrim door greeters!  One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is the complete lack of Thanksgiving stuff that is sold basically anywhere.  (It's like Thanksgiving doesn't even exist between Halloween and Christmas.)  There's a lot of items that could pass as Thanksgiving decor, but they're mostly fall themed.  And trying to find anything Disney and Thanksgiving... good luck!

Therefore, when he called me to tell me that they had 2 Mickey and 2 Minnie pilgrims, I told him just to get them.  The only Thanksgiving items we have that are Disney themed are things that I've found directly from the theme parks or Disney Store!  So now we have these cute door greeters.  I'm super happy with them and they are pretty cute!  (And the last time we checked the other day, Mickey and Minnie Pilgrim set #2 was still at Wal-Mart.  I guess we're the only ones thinking to get them ahead of time before they sell out!)

Wal-Mart Christmas

Although it's not even the end of October, the Christmas items are starting to make their appearance.  (See back to my comment about Thanksgiving barely existing in retail... it's not even Halloween yet and there's Christmas stuff out!  What?)

We went to Wal-Mart at the beginning of October, and the Christmas stuff was slowly making it's way to the shelves.  (In fact, I'm not so sure that it wasn't the end of September!) We found that they'd put out a lot of the outdoor decorations like the lights and characters. We found these adorable tinsel Mickey and Minnie Mouse outdoor decorations.

We also found a lot of these Mickey and Minnie outdoor inflatables.  We're thinking about getting these for our front yard. 

Target Christmas

We also went to Target this past weekend, and they had their lights and outdoor decorations out as well.  Eliot decided to took them all over while I was going through the Halloween items and he found this really cute tinsel Mickey Mouse.  Eliot likes him more than the Wal-Mart one.  I really like that he has a Santa hat and bunch of Christmas lights in his hands. Maybe we'll consider getting him, although he's $30 more than the Wal-Mart one.

We also found an inflatable Santa Mickey Mouse!  He's so cute!  He's also 5 feet tall compared to the Wal-Mart inflatables that are only 3.5 feet tall.  He's also on our wish list.

Finally, just when I thought that we'd seen all of the holiday decorations that were out, Eliot pointed out these light strands on the bottom shelf.  I love the Santa Mickey lights!  And the Princess ones with Cinderella and Ariel remind me of our wedding themes.  And Belle is Eliot's favorite princess.  These might eventually make their way to our house.  We do still have a Target gift card left over from our wedding gifts... 

I'm pretty happy that it's getting a lot easier to find Disney holiday items in our local stores. It certainly doesn't help my holiday decoration addiction... but it does make me smile when I'm doing something more mundane like grocery shopping.  What fun Disney holiday items have you seen while you're out shopping?  °o°

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