Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft Fair Recap

Hey Everyone!

As you can see, I'm back (finally!) from a crazy week and weekend!  After working hard all last week on craft fair items and then going home to my parents' house for the fair, we're back home!  I really missed writing for my blog over the last week, so be prepared for a bunch of posts this week to make up for it!

I'm happy to announce that the craft fair was a big success!  We sold a lot of items, made over $130, and people generally seemed to like all of our products even if they didn't buy anything!  It was our first time attending a craft fair ourselves, so I'm really glad that it went well.  (My Mom and Nana did one for us 2 years ago since we couldn't attend.)  In fact, we also have another one coming up in our town on December 7th.

I thought that I'd do a recap for the craft fair.  You know that we had to include a few items that were Disney inspired!

Eliot made Mickey soaps for his business Snowblade Creations.  (Become a fan here.)

This is the first time that we've put fragrances in them and they went over really well. (The peppermint smells just like a candy cane!)  Kids loved being able to pick the samples up to smell them.  And they were so excited when they recognized Mickey!

Eliot's planning on making more for our next craft fair.  His mother will also be selling them at a few craft fairs in California between now and Christmas.  If you see something that you're interested in, visit his Etsy shop and send him a message.  We'd be happy to spread some Mickey Mouse soap holiday cheer!  (If you tell him that I sent you from my blog, I'll use my wife powers to see if he can send you a private discount code too!)

I also painted a few of my Mickey and Minnie flower pots!  They're kind of out of season for Mainers right now, but my Mom insisted I make some for the craft fair since she loved the ones I made myself so much.  

My Mom also insisted that I let her display some in my Dad's office so his clients can see them when they come to get their taxes done.  I'm hoping to make a lot more of the characters for next spring!

I made a ton of t-shirt scarves.  They're a lot of fun to make and probably a new obsession of mine.  I wasn't planning to make these Disney inspired, but this scarf really reminds me of Ursula and her tentacles.  

And this one reminds me of Rapunzel... if only it were a lighter purple and pink color.

I'm planning to actually make some that are Disney inspired soon!  I'm dying to make myself a Mickey Mouse colored scarf to wear!

Finally, I made Frozen inspired snowflake hair clips!  I had been planning on making snowflake hair clips since last year and I stocked up on a ton of snowflakes.  I'd also gotten a bunch of blue Mickey rhinestones to put on them.  I thought that they would be cute accessories to wear at Disney in the winter.  

A few months ago, I realized that they would be perfect to wear for the release of Frozen! (Talk about good timing!)  I sold a bunch of them this weekend and I can't wait to wear a few of them myself when I go to see the movie.  

A lot of people at the craft fair didn't know what Frozen was, so I can only imagine how many I'll sell on December 7th after people have seen the movie and they find out that Elsa actually has snowflakes on her braid.  I better get working on some more hair clips...

These snowflake hair clips will also be for sale soon in my soon-to-open Etsy store Happily Ever Hatter!  If you're interested in getting a few for yourself, stay tuned on my Facebook page for more information on Happily Ever Hatter's grand opening!

I'll keep you all informed for our next craft fair.  We're planning on making more items, so who knows what we'll think up over the next 3 weeks!  °o°


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! We need one of those snowflake clips!! We are seeing Frozen on the 1st :)

    1. I'm hoping to get them online in my Etsy shop really soon! (I even brought a few home to take pictures of this weekend!) I bought an Elsa shirt from the Disney Store online and I can't wait to wear them to the movie! :-)