Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday, I officially started the last year of my twenties.  Wow!  It feels like I just turned 25 yesterday... my how time flies!

Aside from the dental procedure that I had to get done, I had a great day!  I wasn't sure how I'd feel after the appointment.  But after the Novocain wore off, I felt great and was even able to eat the steak and the lobster mac & cheese that I'd really wanted for dinner. I also enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake!  I was incredibly relieved that the appointment went well since my Mom, Dad and brother drove all the way here to celebrate with Eliot and me.

No birthday in our family is complete without a little bit of Disney magic.  We have a saying that "it's not your birthday until Winnie sings."  A few years ago, Eliot and I bought my mother a Winnie the Pooh plush from the World of Disney store that used to be on 5th Avenue in New York City.  He plays the "Happy Birthday" song, although he's seen better days.  (I think it's time for Winnie to get a new battery!)  Every birthday since then, Winnie the Pooh has played us all the birthday song while we blow out our candles!

This year, my brother Jeremy also added a sprinkle of pixie dust.  He and I have a large plush collection.  It's basically an unspoken tradition that we get each other some kind of plush toy for every birthday and Christmas.  We used to play with our plush toys for hours together when we were younger.  They were always some of our most favorite toys growing up.

This year he surprised me with two plush for my birthday!  First, I got a small Bumble bean bag plush.  (From the claymation Ruldolph movie which is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.  I'm somewhat obsessed with Bumble... but that's another story.)

Then, he gave me a Tigger plush to go with my Tigger collection.  The Tigger is holding a small plush Eeyore!  It was absolutely perfect and I love it!  I don't think that I've ever shared the Tigger and Eeyore story with you, so now is probably a good time.

When Eliot and I started dating, he was a closet Eeyore collector.  He didn't want anyone to know that he had a collection of Eeyore plush.  When he and I started hanging out, I told him about my Tigger plush collection that I've had since middle school.  He confessed that he had an Eeyore collection, and I was somewhat skeptical.  (Ok, I admit it.  We had just started dating and it seemed like way too much of a coincidence.  Right?)  

The first time I went over to Eliot's dorm room, a few days after he had told me about the Eeyores, there they were!  He had about 5 Eeyores on his dorm room bed, and the rest were still at home in California.  So, ever since then, Tigger and Eeyore have kind of been our special connection.  I guess it was love at first plush collection?

Anyways... all of our friends and family go out of their way to find us Tigger and Eeyore stuff, and we love it.  (We have Pez dispensers, tons of coffee mugs, Vinylmations... etc.) So my brother's gift was really special.  It's not everyday you see something with both Tigger and Eeyore together!

Eeyore even seemed pretty excited to have some new friends!

I also got a few other surprises that are not Disney related, but are still part of my birthday fun so I'll share them anyways!

Our waitress at Longhorn Steakhouse gave me this awesome ice cream, complete with candles.  (I couldn't get my usual watermelon margarita due to my dentist visit, but I was pretty excited that the ice cream came in a martini glass!)

I also got this beautiful flower arrangement from Eliot's family.  The chick on the side of the vase is really cute.  I'm thinking that I'll use him for an Easter floral display this spring.

Overall, 29 has been great so far!  And the celebration isn't close to over yet!  This weekend we're having our friends come over for a Fab Five reunion, Catching Fire, and more cake.  And I'll have a few more birthday surprised next week at Thanksgiving with with the other two November ladies in the family!  Yay!

Next year, I'll have to try and plan something BIG for my 30th!  Perhaps a trip to Walt Disney World might be in order?  I still haven't been to Disney on my birthday... and it's on my Disney Bucket list!  I guess we'll see if next year is the year!  °o°


  1. Awe, how sweet about the tigger story! I would love to do Disney on my birthday fun!
    Happy belated Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been lucky to celebrate my birthday three different times this past week. It's the birthday celebration that keeps on going! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! We definitely have tons of Tigger and Eeyore stuff at this point! We love them!

  2. A dental procedure and birthday – not the usual treat for a birthday. But I’m glad that it turned out to be fun after all! Who wouldn’t have fun? Winnie sang a happy birthday to you. But I’m sure you’re looking forward to this year, as you will celebrate it in Disneyland. Woohoo!

    Gerald Regni