Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Catching Up

Hi Friends!  I'm back after a short hiatus.  Eliot and I had a craft fair this past Saturday. Then Sunday we put up our Christmas Lights.  And on top of all that, I'm still sick.  I thought that I'd gotten the advantage over my cold, but it seems to have manifested itself into a sinus infection/head cold.  The good news is that I switched medicine and I seem to be back on the mend, again!  After about 10 days of this, I'm really ready to be healthy Melissa again!  

I haven't written about our daily adventures in a while, so I wanted to do a quick recap of everything from Thanksgiving until now.  I feel like I'm playing catch up!  Here we go:

We had Thanksgiving at my parents house this year with my Mom's family.  It was a great day filled with lots of yummy food.  I love getting together with my family and my cousins and I always share some laughs together.  Eliot and I even dressed Eeyore up for the occasion!

Hanukkah also fell over Thanksgiving which kind of threw us for a loop.  We worked really hard to get our Thanksgiving decorations up.  Then Eliot and I were away for 4 nights of Hanukkah since we stayed the whole Thanksgiving weekend with my parents. By the time we got home, Hanukkah was half over.  We discussed decorating for it, but Eliot didn't want to bother.  Then, I got sick the day after we returned home, so I wouldn't have been able to decorate anyways.  Sadly, Hanukkah passed with no decorating this year.  But next year, Hanukkah falls in mid-December (December 16-24) so we'll be ready to have a giant Christmukkah celebration!

We did get our Hanukah gifts from Eliot's family.  We both got a Mickey or Minnie cell phone charm/zipper pull.  Eliot also got a keychain with his Hebrew name on it.  I got a really cute "M" necklace with a super small Mickey head on it.  I've looked at the monogram Disney necklaces a lot, but I've never gotten myself one.  This will go nicely with the rest of my Mickey Mouse jewelry!

Leading up to the craft fair, I had a lot of scarves to make so I decided to have a "Once Upon a Time" Marathon last week.  My best friend Katie had been sick over Thanksgiving and she told me that she got hooked on it through Netflix.  (Thanks to moi.) I decided that it was the perfect show to re-watch while I was feeling sick, and it was great background television for scarf making!  I made about 20 scarves in two days from the comfort of my couch!

The rest of the week consisted of me helping Eliot make more soaps.  We ended up sending out a bunch of the soaps and scarves for his mother to sell in California.  Then we made more with the new scents that we got.  I also worked on more Mickey rhinestone earrings for Eliot, as well as some more Frozen inspired snowflake hair clips.

The craft fair itself went pretty well.  We didn't do as well as we'd hoped that we would, but it was still fun.  The kids loved the soaps and I got lots of compliments on my scarves.  We're hoping that next year we can participate in a few more fairs.  And I'm also planning to add some of the leftover scarves to Etsy at some point!

On Sunday, Eliot and my Dad put up our Christmas Lights.  I helped with a few of the lights, so I should probably give myself a little credit.  As I've mentioned before, this is the first year that we've had an entire yard and house to decorate.  I've got a few photos from the initial decorating.  (We're planning to take some more photos and videos, so I'll make sure to add those once I take them.)

I put lights on our back deck that we're planning to keep up year round.  They're red, orange, blue, green and yellow.  I figure that they'll be bright and fun colors for the summer as well.  After all, who doesn't like pretty lights and a cozy backyard barbecue? (Ooh and don't forget the s'mores!!!)

This is the side of our house.  (It looks a lot better at night when you can see the lights.)

And here's the front!  We have a Mickey, Minnie and snowman inflatable front and center. We also added a few more lights since this photo was taken.  This is a panoramic picture so it's a little bit skewed.  We're planning to add our tinsel penguins and flamingo soon. And you also can't see the wishing well.  I'll work on that.  (It's really hard to take a picture of the entire house from our front yard.  I might have to go to our neighbors across the street.)

Over the past few days, we've also started to bring our Christmas decorations up from the basement.  I'm hoping to get them up in the next few days and over this weekend as long as I'm feeling better.  I love this time of year and all of the fun Disney decorations that we have!  Stay tuned for a fun photo tour!!!  There's a lot of Disney stuff to see!!!  °o°

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