Monday, July 28, 2014

Exciting News!

Hey Disney Friends!  I have some exciting news that's been in the works for a little while now: Happily Ever Hatter has officially teamed up with Sparkle For Your Castle!

You may recall me featuring Dar's beautiful Disney wreaths as June's Fun Find Friday!  I have to confess at the time I did that post, I was holding out on you guys a bit.  I told you I placed an order for a wreath from Dar.  What you didn't know was that she had also ordered a few items from me!  But, I didn't want to spill the beans until she announced the wreath collection they were going to be included in.  Well, they're here!!!

Dar has released five different Frozen Wreaths, and three of those feature items from Happily Ever Hatter.  They're absolutely stunning and I love them all.  I'd love to have one for my office door but I'm having a really hard time deciding which one I'd get!

Here's the Frozen wreath featuring my Anna hat design.

Frozen Wreath Anna Ear Hat by Sparkle For Your Castle

This is the same Frozen wreath but it's featuring my Elsa hat design instead.

Frozen Wreath Elsa Ear Hat by Sparkle For Your Castle

Dar also ordered a few of my Frozen snowflakes!  They're really cute on Olaf's Personal Snow Flurry wreath!  Olaf's even holding one of my snowflakes!  It's so cute!

Frozen Olaf Wreath by Sparkle For Your Castle

I absolutely love the idea of "building" Olaf on this wreath.  And he talks!!!  There are also adorable hidden Mickey snowballs, and icicles hanging from the sign.  My snowflakes are not shown on the wreath as is, but they are an option if you want to add them!

Do You Want To Build A Snowman Wreath by Sparkle For Your Castle

There is a video of Dar introducing the wreaths on her Facebook page.  She gives her fans a tour of her "Sparkle Studio" and then shows all of the Frozen wreaths.  You can see how pretty they sparkle in the video.  (The direct link for the video is here.)

She also made individual wreaths of Anna and Elsa.  (There aren't Happily Ever Hatter items on these, but they're stunning and I wanted to show them to you guys anyways!)

Disney Frozen Anna Wreath by Sparkle For Your Castle

I'm currently working on a few other custom designs for Dar, so stay tuned on both of our Facebook pages for more information on those!  (Here are the links for our Facebook pages: Happily Ever Hatter and Sparkle for Your Castle.)

Disney Frozen Elsa Wreath by Sparkle For Your Castle

As always, if you have a custom request for a specific character, holiday, event or theme please ask!  Dar and I can work together to create something special for your home!  °o°

Note: All of these photos are from Sparkle For Your Castle's Etsy and Facebook pages. Dar owns the copyright on them.  Please do not use them without her permission.


  1. These wreaths are fantastic! Definitely going on my wish list.

    1. They are beautiful! I have one of Dar's wreaths and I absolutely love it! :-)