Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun in the Sun- Part 1

As promised yesterday, here's the recap of the ending of Elissa's trip.  I'm going to do it in two parts since we crammed a lot in!  I still can't believe it's already been six weeks since she got here!  It flew right by!  But, it's been a great month and a half full of family, friends and a lot of fun in the summer sun!

The last time I updated you on our whereabouts, was after the 4th of July weekend.  The following week was quiet with us working on projects and me doing stuff around the house.  That weekend we went back up to Bar Harbor for a family reunion!

The reunion was Sunday, so we decided to cram as much into Saturday as possible. We got up and went for a walk around Witch Hole Pond.  Well, not really "around" it, more like "to" it.  Elissa wanted to try to catch some fish in a plastic cup.  No worries junior park rangers, she planned to release them back into the pond a few minutes later!  (The fish ended up being too quick anyways and she didn't get any.)

We sat at the pond for about an hour and enjoyed the peace and quiet in the park.  I sat near the water's edge and watched a chipmunk running around on the rocks.  Eliot climbed the rocks behind me and had Eeyore enjoy the view.

I also watched a loon fishing in the lake for a while.  It was so serene.  Elissa and I eventually climbed up the rock and joined Eliot.  Of course, we couldn't leave before Eliot took a "Circle of Life" photo with Eeyore.

After our walk, we went home to go for a swim at the campground near my parents house.  They have their camper parked there this summer and it's nice to take advantage of the pool being five minutes from their house!  (I didn't get any photos at the pool.  I was too busy enjoying swimming in it!)

After that, we went to the Jordan Pond House.  The restaurant is located right inside of Acadia National Park.  It used to serve an afternoon tea to the wealthy and sophisticated visitors of the park.  Nowadays, everyone is welcome to go there.  Our favorite reason to visit, the yummy popovers!!!  (Note Eliot's photo with the popover above.  He's literally caressing the popover saying "my precious" over and over.)

After eating, we walked down to the lake to take a few photos of the Bubble Mountains. We also watched a school of fish swimming in the shallows of the lake.  Later, we ended the day with a walk around Bar Harbor.  We grabbed some cookies from our favorite sub shop, visited with Katie while she was working and poked around a few of the shops downtown!  Then we went home and crashed!

Sunday was the Mylen Family Reunion 2014!  We had the party at my parents' house so it was convenient for us.  We slept in as late as possible and then I went to help with the preparations.  The day before, Dad cooked 30 lobsters so they'd be ready in time for the party.  Papa wanted a few pictures of all of them.  That's a lot of lobsters!

We had so much fun.  Some of the highlights of the afternoon were Emery (our adorable ring bearer) running around chasing bubbles and then playing with the huge red ball that my Mom had gotten.  I took a ton of photos of him and dubbed it "baby yoga."  My cousin Luke had a fist eating contest with Nadia.  Ok, maybe he was just being silly.

 We had so much food!  Everything was great and it was nice to visit and catch up!

Of course, no reunion is complete without a family photo!  Elissa was gracious enough to take a few for us!  (This is most of us!  We're missing a few of my cousins.)  It's so wonderful to see how our family keeps growing through the years!  I think the last family photo we got was when we were at Walt Disney World in 2009!

We returned home and on Wednesday, my cousin Kaitlin came over for some help party planning for her youngest son Isaac's first birthday.  Emery also came over and he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates.   Eliot and I have been grabbing things when we've seen them here and there.  (This kiddo is probably spoiled by us, and I love every second!  I can't wait for Isaac to start to have characters that he likes.  Then, I can spoil him too!)

Isaac's party theme is Mickey Mouse, so it makes sense that Kaitlin asked me for some help.  I'm known as the resident Disney expert in the family.  We've actually been planning the party for a few months now.  I ended up working on the Mickey pinata and Isaac's first birthday onesie.  (Stay tuned for more birthday stuff in the next few weeks!)

On Thursday, Elissa and I met Kaitlin, the boys, my Aunt Sherrie,Uncle Moe and Luke's wife Rachel at Funtown!  (Funtown is the local amusement park a few towns over from us.)  Surprisingly, I've never been there in all the years I've lived in Maine.

We had a blast.  I'm not really an amusement park ride, thrill-seeking person, but I actually went on quite a few rides.  (I'm more of a Disney ride girl!)  I surprised myself! Kaitlin, Rachel and I cooled off on the Log Flume Ride.  (That's my kind of thrill ride!)

I also went on the carousel, ferris wheel, automobile rides, and the bumper boats!  I think the bumper boats were my favorite.  I can't wait to go on those again!  Plus, it's nice to have the park close by!  And, they also have Splashtown- the water park.

Later in the night, Luke and Eliot joined us when they got out of work.  We all had dinner and then the thrill seekers went on a few of the other rides.  (Elissa and I opted to watch Isaac and Emery.)  Eliot, Elissa and Luke ended the night with a ride on Excalibur, the wooden roller coaster.  We grabbed some Dippin' Dots on the way out of the park... yum!

I'm so thankful we all live close enough that we can spend time with the boys and my family.  We had a great time!  Eliot and I had so much fun that we actually got season tickets!  We'll be back to Funtown & Splashtown a few more times this summer!  °o°

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