Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anniversaries and Ear Hats and Soaps, Oh My!

Hey Friends!  It's been another eventful week!

As most of you know, our second wedding anniversary was this past Saturday.  We didn't do too much for it since we both had a lot of Etsy orders we've been trying to get done.  However, we did make the time to go out to one of our favorite restaurants: Longhorn Steakhouse.  It was definitely yummy.  Eliot stuck with his usual beer and a burger but I had a wonderful watermelon margarita, steak and mac & cheese... soooo good!  We also grabbed cake from the grocery store.  (I love any excuse to eat cake!)

I was busy last week with Happily Ever Hatter orders.  I've made a new record for myself: I finished six hats in one week!  I made 3 Anna ear hats and 3 Elsa ear hats!  I also designed an Elsa stretchy headband for an infant.  It was a busy week but I'm so glad to get all of these orders out!  I've felt so behind ever since I got sick a few weeks ago.  Eeyore even helped me package one of the boxes which was on it's way to Walt Disney World.  (Although, he tried to tape himself to the box in an effort to stow away.)

Eliot has been busy making soaps with his Etsy shop, Snowblade Creations.  He's had an order for a favors for a birthday party, fish extender gifts for a Disney cruise, and a huge wedding order of about 80 soaps!

We also mailed out a special package yesterday.  It's on it's way to a very special little girl named Scarlet.  She's going to find out this Saturday that she's going to Walt Disney World through Make A Wish.  Her Wish Granter ordered an Elsa ear hat from me, but Eliot and I wanted to spread some more Disney magic and pixie dust.  We also included four snowflake hair clips, four bubblegum scented Mickey Mouse soaps and one Olaf soap.  I can't wait to hear how her party goes this weekend!

My job has been going well.  We've been working on getting ourselves back up and running.  We've found a new office space.  I actually got to go with my boss to help with our interior finish selections yesterday.  We've picked the paint colors for the walls and door trim, the baseboard color and the carpet color.  We also decided which finishes she's going to order her new adjusting tables in.  It was really fun to help with finish selections!  It's been a while since I've done that!

Finally, I'm trying to make a list of the Happily Ever Hatter items I need to make myself over the next few weeks.  I'm planning on bringing a few different headbands to Walt Disney World for KeyCon!  I just started one pair today, but I have a lot to do!  I really need to get cracking on that!  I leave in 15 Days!  Woo-hoo!  °o°

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