Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hanging In

Hi Friends.  Well, this has certainly been quite the week.  

I mentioned last week that the office of my new job was destroyed in a fire the night before I was supposed to start.  Thankfully, we've been able to save our paper client files which has been a miracle.  Everything else has basically been destroyed.  I've been over to my boss' house a few times to help clean up the client files. Tomorrow we're looking at new office spaces.  My new co-workers are really great and I already feel like I belong. Things are coming together, looking up and we're making the best of it.

In another turn of events, Eliot and I have also been really sick.  I've been fighting a sinus infection since last weekend, and today I'm finally feeling like myself again.  I'm coughing here and there, but the sinus pressure, runny nose and watery eyes are all gone.  

Photo Source: Hunger Games Explorer
I spent most of last week in bed, re-reading the Hunger Games series, re-watching the movies and taking naps.  (The official trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 is being released tomorrow!!!) The past few days, Eliot's had the stomach virus that I also had earlier last week.  Ugh. We can't seem to catch a break!

I've got some good news: my MagicBand and Magical Express documents came in the mail yesterday!  Only 25 more days until I leave for Walt Disney World!  I'm so excited. Now it really is starting to feel real!

Anyways, I should probably go get back to work.  I have a ton of hat orders to work on! I've gotten behind since I was sick but I wanted to let you all know that I'm hanging in. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and well wishes!  °o°


  1. I was so happy I cried when our magic bands came haahaha!

    1. Ha ha! I'm pretty sure I squealed like a little girl. LOL. ;-)