Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fun Find: Hokey Donut

It's time for Fun Find Friday!  Today's find is Hokey Donut on Etsy!!!

In honor of Black Friday, I wanted to share a shop from one of my first Etsy friends.  I met Cheryl when I was in the process of planning our Disney wedding.  Cheryl makes Disney jewelry and I immediately fell in love with all of her designs.  I've bought from her shop on a few different occasions.  (I really can't help myself.  They're just that awesome.)

Cheryl makes designs for the holidays, Disney Cruises, Aulani and events- like a Disney Wedding!  She has different characters, different patterns and designs.  She also has designs for popular movies, music groups, sports teams, sci-fi, and other well known characters.  You can find her Etsy store here and her Facebook page here.

Those of you who follow me regularly know that I have a weakness for Disney holiday items.  I was completely hooked when I discovered Cheryl's holiday earring designs.  So far, I've gotten some for Halloween and Christmas.  I'll probably have to see if I can get designs for the other holidays at some point.  ;-)

The other thing I've fallen for are her Origami Inspired Rhinestone Lockets with Charms. I've always loved floating locket designs.  Cheryl has made them a must have.  She's designed charms that are perfect for a Disney locket!  How cute is this Disney Christmas locket with the little snowman, nutcracker, wreath and Santa hat charms!

You can get charms of your favorite character, holiday, movie or even a Disney Cruise honeymoon design with bride and groom ears!!!

Plus, if you become a fan on Hokey Donut's Facebook page, you can receive the latest scoop on new products and specials just for her fans!  Also, yours truly is one of the featured customers on her cover photo!

Purchasing from Hokey Donut means you are getting high quality polished earrings and locket charms that are coated for protection.  These are great quality.  Cheryl also takes great care in shipping them so they'll arrive safely.

I have over 15 pairs of earrings from Hokey Donut.  I absolutely love them and they're my "go-to" earrings while I'm in the parks!  I always match them up with my theme park clothes.  I also have some for my eventual Disney Cruise and trip to Aulani.  I even have a Gryffindor pair of earrings for visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  (The photo below is a few of the Hokey Donut earrings I have collected thus far!)

You can get customized options!  I ordered custom Disney Bride earrings with Eliot's and my wedding colors and I still make sure to wear them whenever I can.  Cheryl is great with specializing your order to what you want.  You just have to ask!

Here's the best part!!!  Cheryl is offering My Disney Life blog readers a VIP experience with FREE SHIPPING in honor of Black Friday.  The coupon code is MELISSA and it will be active from Friday until Sunday!!!  (11/28/14- 11/30/14)  All you need to do is type in MELISSA during the checkout process.  Please note, there is a $10 minimum total of your purchase for the free shipping.

So get on that guys!!!  It's a great time to get some!  These are perfect stocking stuffers for the Disney fan in your life!!!  In fact, I'm going to do a little shopping myself!!!  °o°

Note: All of these photos are from Hokey Donut's Etsy and Facebook pages. Cheryl owns the copyright on them.  Please do not use them without her permission.

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