Wednesday, November 19, 2014

KeyCon 2014 Trip: Day #7

My last Disney day, I woke up and packed everything up.  My flight wasn't until later in the evening so I had to leave my bags at the front of Pop for the day.  This required a lot of thinking to make sure I had everything I needed.  Once I was ready, I had luggage services help take my bags to the front and I said goodbye to my room.

I hopped on the bus to Blizzard Beach so I could enjoy a few more hours of the relaxing in the lazy river.  I floated around 2 times before getting off for another round of the toboggan racers.  I went on them once and had so much fun that I went again.  The second time was not as much fun as I smacked my left foot pushing off.  For a few terrifying minutes, I thought I broke my foot.  I hobbled back over to the lazy river and thankfully my foot felt better a few minutes later.

I went around the lazy river one more time before deciding I better get out to check the time.  (I was planning to go to the Magic Kingdom and I really wanted to catch the parade.)  I took a quick shower and got dressed in my park clothes.  Then, I returned the locker key for another Olaf bag.  (I had to get one for myself since I planned to give the other one to Eliot!)  After, I bought the Blizzard Beach shirts I'd found in the Beach Haus.

I made my way back to Pop Century to drop off my bathing suit and my shopping bag. Luggage services added it to the rest of my bags.  Next, I headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the parade.  The luggage guys didn't think that I'd have enough time, but I can move when I really want to.  Before entering the park, I went to Guest Relations to upgrade my seven day pass to an annual pass.  Yay!!!

I went into the Magic Kingdom and realized that I was not going to get a good view of the Festival of Fantasy Parade… until I decided to climb up to the Train Station.

I had a great view of the parade from up there.  I stood behind a few ladies who were seated.  Unfortunately, my cell phone ran out of photo space right as the first float went by.  The upside was that it forced me to enjoy the parade instead of focusing on taking a ton of photos.  The parade was amazing.  I fell in love with the costumes and the floats. The details in them were absolutely incredible.

After the parade, I made my way down Main Street for some last minute shopping over at Momento Mori.  I was determined to get the Haunted Mansion shirts for Eliot and myself, but they were still out of most sizes.  Instead, I headed over to the Christmas Shop in Liberty Square and bought the Christmas Duffy I'd fallen in love with.  Finally, I made my way to the Emporium to pick up a few more last minute gifts.

I was cutting it close on time, so I was unable to make the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean my last rides of the trip.  However, I still made time for my most important end of Disney trip tradition: I took one last look down Main Street at Cinderella Castle and made sure to soak in the view.

I said goodbye to Cinderella Castle and the Magic Kingdom and went back over to Pop Century to catch my Magical Express bus.  Luggage Services helped me get my bags and I waited for the bus.  Before I knew it, the bus was there, I was on it and I was headed to the airport.  I checked in, went through security and was on the flight home.  

My KeyCon 2014 Walt Disney World trip was absolutely incredible.  I met so many wonderful people, experienced so many new things and had the best time.  I can't wait to go back to Disney World in January and I really can't wait for KeyCon 2015.  °o°

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