Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Frozen Valentine's Day Weekend

It's been a busy Valentine's Day weekend here!  We didn't let the blizzard stop us; Eliot and I had a weekend filled with plenty of Disney fun!

Friday night we drove down to Boston after work to catch Disney On Ice: Frozen!!!  As you may recall, that was one of my Blog and Disney Goals for 2015.  We knew the blizzard was going to keep us from going over the weekend, so we went down Friday instead.  Thankfully, I hadn't bought the tickets ahead of time so we could plan accordingly!  The unfortunate part, was that our seats and view kind of stunk.

We ended up sitting in the upper balcony.  It wasn't awful, but we couldn't see anything that was below the lighting and rigging line.  (We're hoping the show will make it's way to Maine a few years from now.  Then we'll go see it again!)

The show itself was fantastic.  I love the set design and the costumes.  They're always my favorite part of the show.  The costumes for the coronation ball blew me away!  I want one of those gowns!!!  And Anna and Elsa's gowns!!!

The show stuck pretty close to the story line.  There were a few things out of order since they had to in order to keep the set changes from being too crazy.

My favorite set was "Let It Go".  The snowflakes projected on the ice were awesome. They also had Elsa form her "ice castle" with lit panels that came down.  She also had awesome ice stairs.  (The stairs lit up like a rainbow at the end of the show... want!!!)

Before we knew it, it was intermission.  Eliot got up and went to walk around.  I stayed in our seats and people watched.  As expected, TD Garden was pretty busy!

Eliot returned a few minutes later with my program!  I always get one at every show I see.  We looked through that during the rest of the intermission.  The second act started with Olaf's "In Summer".

The rock trolls were cool.  They had these remote "rocks" roll out on the ice before they rolled away and turned into the trolls.  One got stuck and had to be rescued!

The show ended with all of the characters on the ice in the grand finale.  Unfortunately, my phone ran out of room to take more photos and Eliot's was dead.  We're definitely planning to go see it again if it makes it to Maine someday!

Before we left the arena, we grabbed a few of the felt banners for our office walls!  I used to get these all the time when I was a kid.  It was one of my favorite souvenirs from the Disney on Ice shows!

We had a late night driving home to Maine, but the fun wasn't over yet!  Valentine's Day morning, we slept in since we were exhausted from getting home after midnight. Eliot surprised me with a Mickey Mouse card and those delicious Valentine's Day brownie batter donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  (Those are heaven!!!)  We also bought a mini Toothless plush as a "gift" for Eeyore.  I guess he's more Duffy sized... anyways.

After a fairly lazy morning, we finally started to get ready for our afternoon: Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes showing in Portland, ME!  Now you're probably thinking that we're crazy.  Two Disney On Ice shows in under 24 hours?!?!?  Yes.  

Originally, we had planned to spend about $200-$250 on tickets for Frozen.  Since we waited until the last minute, our Frozen seats ended up being a lot less then we set aside.  Instead, we got to see two Disney on Ice shows for the price we were planning to spend on one!  It's the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

We got ready and I had to wear something appropriate for the occasion.  I grabbed my Under Armour shirt that matched my Frozen tank top.  Then, I found some snowflake earrings and the Disney necklace my parents got me for my 30th birthday!  It even has most of the princesses on it!  And it's heart shaped!  Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Portland is only about 20 minutes from us, so we got there early enough to settle in. We checked out some of the merchandise before the show and got comfortable. 

Our seats at this arena cost less than our seats at Frozen.  And you can see the view is much better.  The arena in Portland has an intimate feeling.  I always saw Disney On Ice here growing up.  It's not as overwhelming as Boston.  And you feel pretty close no matter where you're seated.

Tinker Bell, Mickey and Minnie were our hosts between stories where the princesses and heroes had dreams and wishes.  First we visited the world of Agrabah with Aladdin and Jasmine.  This was one of the longer segments with "One Jump", "Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World."

Snow White was next with "I'm Wishing", "Heigh-Ho" and "One Song."  Next, we visited with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She skated to "Be Our Guest" with Lumiere and a lot of silverware.  I was surprised they didn't do "Beauty and the Beast", but then again, that Beast costume is probably hard to skate in.

We visited Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled.  They skated to "I See the Light" and it was beautiful.  There were lights projected onto the ice and set to look like the lanterns.

The final scene of the first half was the Little Mermaid.  This was another longer segment.  It started with Prince Eric and his crew skating to "Fathoms Below."  Then we went "Under the Sea" with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder.  Ariel skated to "Part of Your World."  Then she signed the contract with Ursula, became a human and Eric and Ariel skated to "Kiss the Girl."

During intermission, Eliot got up to walk around again.  I stayed in my seats to Instagram a photo and relax.  The people behind us were talking most of the show so it was nice to have quiet for the few minutes while they were gone.  (Don't ask...)

After intermission, we quickly joined Tiana and Naveen from Princess and the Frog. They were barely on the ice to skate to "Dig A Little Deeper" before they disappeared. (They probably were one of the casualties to adding Frozen to the show.)

The next segment was Sleeping Beauty.  It was also pretty long.  We saw Maleficent before she turned into a dragon and Philip had to fight her.  The dragon was pretty cool.  It ended up setting the ice on fire.  Then Philip kissed Aurora and they skated to "Once Upon A Dream."

We also visited Cinderella at the royal ball.  Prince Charming skated with his guests and her evil stepsisters before Cinderella showed up in her coach.  Then they skated to "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes."

Mickey and Minnie came out to announce one final story about true love between two sisters.  The kids in the audience went nuts!  The story was another longer segment; although it was obviously shorter version of the full Frozen On Ice show.  They kept a lot of the props similar.  Most noticeable was that Sven was missing.

It was really good and I enjoyed seeing it a second time from closer seats.  I loved seeing "Let It Go" again since we could enjoy the ice palace and pyrotechnics from a lower vantage point.  I even taped it this time and my phone didn't die!

After Frozen, there was a grand finale with all of the Princesses and Princes skating.  I also video taped most of that before my cell phone finally ran out of room.  Eliot took a few photos for me though!  (I've been trying to add the videos to this post but I'm having issues with uploading them.  Maybe I'll try another time.)

After the show, we bought some more Disney On Ice merchandise.  I was so excited when we found the Olaf straws at the snow cone booth.  I didn't really want a snow cone; it was already freezing and we were getting a blizzard.  But I loved the Olaf straw spoon that all the little kids had with their snow cones!  Disney On Ice actually sold them separately!!!  Yay!!!  We got a few of those, my program, a coloring book, and the Tangled flag they had on display.  I also ended up finding a free Disney On Ice fabric rose in the bag when we got home.  It's the perfect souvenir for Valentine's Day! We definitely had a really great Valentine's weekend!  °o°


  1. We went and seen princesses and heros back in Sept! LOVED it!! Belle portion was my favorite! They didn't have elsa and anna in it yet though! All sounds like a perfect Valentines to me!

    1. It was great! I loved the costumes! (I always do.) I'm glad they added Anna and Elsa because the kids were SO excited screaming for Elsa! It was definitely the perfect Valentine's Day weekend! :-)