Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 Years Ago Today...

I recently started using the memory feature on Facebook.  It shows your status, photos and posts from that date in the past; it's a great way to take a quick walk down memory lane.  This morning, I was reminded that Eliot graduated from college 3 years ago!

Eliot and I went to college together at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Some of you might recall from mgraduation post.)  We met through Admissions since we were both campus tour guides.  The biggest thing we had in common?  Disney.  Both of us loved Disney had dreams of becoming Imagineers one day.  We might not be Imagineers, but we definitely still toss design ideas around.

Eliot worked really hard to get his degree in Electromechanical Engineering- basically a double major of electrical and mechanical engineering all rolled into one.  The morning he graduated was a beautiful sunny day.  His family flew in from California, my parents and brother drove down, and Katie, BJ, Katie, Nico and Anthony all came to celebrate as well.  The ceremony was held out on the Quad at the center of campus.  We all cheered when Eliot walked across the stage.  Of course, he had to wear a pair of Mickey Mouse 2012 graduate ears after receiving his diploma!

After the ceremony, my family, his family and all of our friends went to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate!  We had a blast at lunch and shared many laughs.  We took plenty of funny hat photos in the gift shop.  We also went to Build-A-Bear where BJ and Elissa made bears.  (Elissa insisted since BJ had never built a bear before!)

Eliot was pampered with graduation gifts.  I bought us matching Mickey Mouse tie dye shirts.  Wentworth's school colors are black, gold and red... conveniently the same colors as our favorite mouse!  (He actually got them the week before his graduation since we wore them on our trip to Disney World for our Wedding Planning Session!)

We did a lot of sightseeing around Boston with his family and our friends over the weekend.  The funniest part was when Eliot got his gift from BJ and Katie.  We'd gotten BJ and Katie a wedding print from SomethingPrintable on Etsy.  Through my own super sleuthing, I discovered BJ and Katie got Eliot a graduation print from the same Etsy shop!  What are the chances of that?!?

I let Elissa in on the secret and insisted they exchange gifts at the same time.  We had them exchanged gifts the night his family arrived and it was hilarious.  I still can't believe we bought each other the same thing.  It's A Small World After All.  Here's the print they had designed by SomethingPrintable for Eliot.

Thank you to Facebook for the prompt to walk down memory lane.  It was a wonderful weekend and a great day to celebrate all of Eliot's hard work.  Congrats to my husband for all of his achievements!!!  °o°

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