Sunday, January 24, 2016

Go Patriots!

Well, that was certainly a nail biter of a football game.  Or, in my case, an "I can't breathe; I can't watch" game towards the last few minutes.  It was definitely intense.

I have to admit, I didn't have a good feeling going into today's game.  The New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the regular season.  Sure, we had a bunch of our injured players back on the field that hadn't played in that game, but they also had Manning back on the field.  (I'm so sick of the Brady/Manning hype...)

I could get on my soapbox about the Broncos ticket sales and how much I think their location policy is crap, but I'll spare you.  And at this point, what I think about it doesn't matter anyways.  Both teams looked pretty sloppy, but in the end, the Patriots couldn't defend our quarter back.  Brady can't perform if he's got people coming at him all night.

Regardless of the final score, I'm still proud of the Pats.  Last year, we were the Super Bowl Champs and I knew it was going to be hard to defend the title.  At least we made it as far in the playoffs as we did.  (Now, I'm rooting for the Panthers.)  We might not be in the running anymore this year, but we put up one heck of a fight.  And I know we'll come back swinging again next year.  GPats!!!  °o°

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