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My 2016 Blog and Disney Goals

Another new year means another set of new goals.  I've never actually completed a full list, but it's something to aspire to.  I absolutely love making goals each new year and it's become an annual tradition of mine.  In fact, my personal 2016 goal list has over 100 goals on it!

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In the past few years, I've also made a tradition to publicly post some of my goals for my blog and Disney here on My Disney Life Blog!  At the end of the year, I write a recap to see what I accomplished.  (Read my past goal posts: 2014 goals, 2014 recap2015 goals, 2015 recap.)

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I've continued the tradition this year.  I love having a chance to start anew.  It's another opportunity to write 365 more pages in the book of my life.  Each year presents a blank slate to start over; it's refreshing.  I'm really excited about my blog and Disney goals this year.  I've got a few new additions to the list, and I've expanded the list from 15 goals to 20!  (And even then, I still had to delete a few and consider them part of my "secret" goal list.)  So without further ado, I am proud to present my 2016 goals.  Bring it on 2016!!!

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Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2016

1.)  Go to Walt Disney World- This is always my first thought every new year.  Walt Disney World is my home away from home, and it's always a goal to go back!

2.)  Go to Disneyland- I was blessed to go to Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration last year.  Eliot and I would like to return to celebrate one more time while the celebration is going on.  We're hoping to go in June after Elissa's high school graduation!

3.)  Go on my first Disney Cruise- This is a brand new addition to my official list, although it's always been a goal of mine.  2016 might just be the year.  KeyCon 2016 is actually SeaCon 2016 and I'm really hoping Eliot and I will be able to go!

4.)  Sign Up and Train for the 2017 Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons- This goal has plagued me for a few years now.  In 2014, I didn't complete the WDW half, and in 2015 I had severe foot problems and was unable to complete the WDW 10K.  I've doubled up my goals and I'm planning to sign up for the Princess and Tinker Bell Challenges, to run both the 10K and half marathons, for 2017.  It's going to take a lot of faith, trust and pixie dust, but I think it's more attainable now that I've gotten orthotics and I'm actually going to train for them!

5.)  Participate in a few Blog Hops- I've did my first blog hop in 2014, and I had a blast!  I wasn't able to do any last year so I'd really like to participate in a few more this year!

6.)  Achieve Monthly Blog Goals- This is always a difficult one for me.  It's hard to make sure I set aside enough time to actually complete the goals in the given month.  My goal is to do at least one tutorial each month, one fun find a month, and 12-13 blog posts each month (to total 150 for the year).  I'm really going to work on getting this accomplished this year!

7.)  Make Disney Décor for the Holidays- As you know, I love the holidays.  I have a list about a mile long of Disney inspired holiday decorations to create.  This year, I'm really determined to get some of them done to decorate our new house!

8.)  Have a Few Friends as Guest Bloggers- I didn't have any guest blogger posts for 2015, although Eliot had a few ideas for posts.  This year, we will definitely make sure you hear from Mr. My Disney Life!  I'm also going to try to get a few other friends to join the fun!

9.)  Make Disney Accessories- I also have a ton of ideas for Disney inspired accessories that I want to make.  I would like to make myself a few new shirts to wear at the parks.  I also really want to make some themed circle skirts and infinity scarves.

10.)  Have Disney Movie Nights and Disney Board Game Nights- I love watching Disney movies with Eliot, especially the ones we haven't watched in forever.  This year, I'm going to make time to re-watch them.  We also have a large collection of board games that I'd like to crack open.  We have a better place to store them at our new house that should make it a lot easier to access them!  No excuses this year!

11.)  Disneybound Themed Outfit Challege- This is another new goal of mine.  I think it's fun to wear Disney inspired outfits and I love the idea of Disneybounding.  I'd like to come up with 25 different characters and/or themed outfits for the year.  That equals about one outfit every two weeks for the entire year.  That seems attainable!

12.)  Continue Happily Ever Hatter's Growth- This year, I'd really like to focus my time on new designs.  I have a list of ideas and I've already bought supplies for a lot of them.  I just need to take the time to make them.  I'm looking forward to having my own office and space to create!  Eliot and I also have a lot of ideas for our IllusionEar line.  Stay tuned!!!

13.)  Have a Disney Themed Party- This is a goal of mine every year.  I love having friends and family over to visit.  This year, we'll definitely be planning a housewarming party at some point when we're settled into our house.  I've already got a few ideas for party themes!

14.)  Take an Online Storyboard Class, Online Art Class- I love to learn and I've been dying to take a storyboarding class online for a few years now.  I also discovered a few online art classes that I'd like to make some time for this year!

15.)  Design an Imagineering Project- My inner interior designer is seriously dying to create something.  This year, I'm hoping to do a small scale project.  Eliot and I have tons of ideas, but I'm thinking we need to start with something small before we really dive in!

16.)  Read Disney Books- I have so many wonderful Disney books.  I have a large collection of Imagineering books.  This Christmas, my parents also bought Eliot and me four new Art of Disney books and a few other books.  This year, I'm hoping to read through all of them!

17.)  Paint Disney Art- This is also a continuing goal of mine.  Although, I'm glad I haven't started to work on it the past years.  Now that Eliot and I have bought a house and we know for sure we're going to be living here for years, it's easier to want to make more permanent decisions.  I'm hoping to create some art for various rooms including our dining room, our kitchen, my office, and our Mickey and Minnie themed bathroom.

18.)  Prep for D23 Expo 2017- Eliot and I would love to attend the D23 Expo in 2017.  He was able to attend last year, and I'm already super excited about 2017.  I'd love to come up with a costume idea to wear to the expo.  I also want to start thinking about potential freebies to hand out to people I meet there.  The actual D23 Expo event is still quite a ways away, but I want to start some brainstorming, planning and prep work this year.

19.)  Design a Miniature Scene- I have always loved dollhouses, miniatures and model scenes.  I think it's the interior designer in me.  We had to make models in college so I have a huge level of respect for the amount of time it takes to create them.  This year, I'd like to make some sort of miniature scene.  I've got ideas for room designs, dollhouses, landscapes, and more.  However, I don't want to box myself in, so I'm going to keep my goal general.

20.)  Work on Top Secret Blog Ideas- This is a continuation from last year.  Since it's still top secret, it continues to be a huge tease but I promise it'll be worth it.  There are so many business, blog and design ideas I have.  Unfortunately, the world is competitive and I don't want to spill all of my secrets on my personal blog.  But it'll be worth it, promise!

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I've certainly got my work cut out for me this year.  Most of the goals above have also made appearances on my 2014 and 2015 goal lists.  I'm determined to take a bite out of the list this year.  I am really excited about the possibilities!  I'm going to make 2016's word of the year BLOSSOM.  I've made a lot of progress with my blog and my business endeavors over the past few years.  This year, I want to build on my progress and hard work so I can really make them blossom.  Happy 2016 Everyone!!!  °o°

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