Friday, October 21, 2016

Fun Find: Shop Disney Parks App

Hi friends!  Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite Disney mobile apps as today's Fun Find Friday.  (Confession: It's been out for a while now.)  The majority of you have probably heard about it already.  But if you haven't, you have to check it out!!!

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The Shop Disney Parks App is your one spot stop to shop for Walt Disney World parks merchandise.  (Say that 10 times fast.)  It's easy to browse through the app.  You can search for a specific item, or go through the featured categories on the main page.  If you forgot something on your trip, you can easily purchase it through the app.  Or, if you're like us and ran out of souvenir money because you went through most of it on your first Disney Cruise... you can wait until you're home to buy other treasures!

Eliot and I have known about the app since it first came out.  I have used it a few times to purchase park exclusive merchandise.  I ordered both my Haunted Mansion and Fantasyland tsum tsum sets through the app.  I found it really user friendly.

The first time we've been able to use the app while at Walt Disney World was earlier this month.  There's a feature on the app where you can scan a barcode and it will automatically pull up that item.  Then, if they don't have your size at that location, you can actually ask the app where else the item is sold on property.

Eliot and I both really wanted to get Orange Bird plushies this trip.  However, we didn't see them anywhere.  I hopped onto the app, searched for "Orange Bird", found him and then located where he was sold.  We weren't going to the Polynesian Resort, but we were going to be walking through Adventureland.  The next time we went to the Magic Kingdom, we tracked down the store and purchased our new friends!

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I also used the app to see if they had the Finding Dory shirt I've wanted since I saw it at Disneyland this spring.  I didn't buy it on my April/May trip since I really wanted to use my AP (Annual Pass) discount.  Then, by the time we went in June, the movie had been released and it was completely sold out.  Luckily, I used the app to find it at the Finding Nemo store inside of the Living Seas at Epcot!

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I think my favorite part of the Shop Disney Parks app, is that they also carry Disney Cruise Line merchandise.  Having just been on my first cruise, this was really exciting for me!  I made sure to check out the app before our cruise.  (I even took screenshots of all the merchandise so I knew what was available.)  Then, Eliot and I focused on purchasing items that were not available on the Shop Disney Parks app or on the Disney Store website when we were at Castaway Cay and in the stores on the ship.

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Before our trip, I also used the app to see what types of merchandise were available on the ship.  I planned an entire navy, white and pink outfit around this Disney Cruise Line Mickey Anchor shirt that I'd seen on the app before I even stepped onto the ship!

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Keep an eye out, because they do run sales occasionally.  I've seen 25% off sales that run through the weekend.  I've also gotten free shipping on an order before.  And, they will also give you your Annual Pass discount!  Which, if you haven't heard, is (finally!!!) back up to 20% for Walt Disney World AP holders!!!

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Finally, I want to point out that the app is currently only selling Walt Disney World merchandise.  However, Disney has stated they have plans to add Disneyland items to the app eventually.  It is called "Shop Disney Parks" after all.  In my perfect dream world, Disney would make merchandise from Japan and China available as well... but that probably isn't likely.  (Hey, a girl can dream!!!)

If you're interested in seeing what's offered, check out this link and it will direct you to the proper app for your mobile device.  I hope you enjoy using this app to check out the latest Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line merchandise!  °o°


  1. Love this app. Last time I went to Disney (a couple of weeks ago) I already knew what I wanted to bring home for friends (beach towels, mugs, etc) so I ordered them ahead of time so I didn't have to spend time shopping for them or pack them up and carry them home. Saved a lot of time and packing hassle.

    1. Yes! That's another great use! I also saw someone else post that they scanned everything they saw while on their trip, then they simply ordered it and had it shipped to their home at the end of their trip. They also didn't have to worry about packing it! We might have to try this method next time. Eliot and I are always trying to find more room in our bags. While quite entertaining, it's not very practical! ;-)