Sunday, October 2, 2016

WDW 2016 Bucket List

Before our cruise, I was in Walt Disney World for a few days for my KeyCon travel agent conference.  Right now, we're on our Disney Cruise, but we're returning to Walt Disney World tomorrow for a few more fun filled days!  Of course, that means I need to have my Walt Disney World Bucket List ready!

Since I started my blog, it's become a tradition to make a bucket list for each of my Disney trips.  I've found them to be very helpful.  They make me more focused and I feel like I accomplished something at the end of my trip.  I've also been able to make sure that I experience a few new things each trip!

It's been a year since we were at Walt Disney World, and I've been writing things down as I think of them.  And I've come up with the following goals!

Melissa's Walt Disney World 2016 Trip Bucket List:
°o°  1.) Buy a Mickey Mouse Balloon
°o°  2.) Take a picture at the purple wall
°o°  3.) Attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
°o°  4.) Go on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride
°o°  5.) See Animal Kingdom at Night
°o°  6.) Take Photos at the Hubgrass
°o°  7.) Get a Pop Century Waffle
°o°  8.) Visit Disney Springs
°o°  9.) Go on the Frozen Ride
°o° 10.) Try the Enchanted Pumpkin Spice Cupcake (at Gaston's) 
°o° 11.) See Mickey's Friendship Faire Castle Show
°o° 12.) Get a Poison Apple Mug
°o° 13.) Attend the Food and Wine Festival
°o° 14.) Take pictures of the donkeys and Duffy
°o° 15.) Get a Sprinkles Cupcake
°o° 16.) Take photos at the Tangled Restroom Area
°o° 17.) Go to the Pop Pool Bar
°o° 18.) Try Candy Corn Ice Cream (at Storybook Treats)
°o° 19.) Get an Elliott Candy Apple
°o° 20.) Meet Joy, Sadness and Baymax

I think this bucket list is definitely do-able!!!

In addition to my Walt Disney World Bucket List, I've got a few more goals:
°o° 21.) Go to the Outlet Stores
°o° 22.) Visit the M&M Store
°o° 23.) Go to the local Walmart (search for Disney stuff!)
°o° 24.) Go to the courthouse to get another copy of our marriage license
°o° 25.) Go to a local restaurant off property

I'll check back when Eliot and I return to let you know how we did!!!  °o°

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