Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 2016 Photo Challenge

As you know, I've been trying to participate in the Disney Colors Photo Challenges on Instagram.  This past month, I've been far too busy to remember to post daily.  But I didn't want to miss all the fun.  Instead, I decided that I'd post them all on here.

Most of these photos were taken on our recent trip to Walt Disney World and our cruise.  I didn't have any for a few of the days, so I had to go through my past photos, but I did pretty good!  (After checking, all of them but four were from our trip!)  Enjoy!

Day 1: Years of Magic- Magic Kingdom Celebrates 45 magical years.

Day 2: Earth- Spaceship Earth lit up at night.

Day 3: Under the Sea- Journeying Under the Sea with Ariel.

Day 4: Autumn- I love the autumn decorations and the Liberty Tree.

Day 5: Fireworks- Fireworks at the end of the Little Mermaid ride.

Day 6: Tomorrow- Tomorrowland Clock Tower.

Day 7: Circle of Life- Simba in Disneyland Forever (not from this trip).

Day 8: Shining Magically- The Golden Mickey's shine magically on the Disney Dream.

Day 9: Electrical Parade- Our last time seeing the Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom.

Day 10: Brave- Merida in the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Day 11: Pixie Dust- Finally at Castaway Cay after lots of faith, trust and pixie dust!

Day 12: Neverland- Peter Pan and friends in the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Day 13: Wicked- The Villains take over Celebrate the Magic.

Day 14: Maps- I loved these cute map lights in our Disney Cruise stateroom.

Day 15: Orange- Mickey pumpkin wreaths make me happy!

Day 16: Villain- The poison apple disco ball at Club Villain is so cool!

Day 17: Teacups- Mad Tea Cups at night (not from this trip).

Day 18: Memory- My newest favorite Disney memory, walking onto the Disney Dream!

Day 19: PhotoPass- I love taking cool PhotoPass photos!

Day 20: Green- Crush on the wall of the Living Seas at Epcot.

Day 21: Treat- I love Mickey Cake Pops!

Day 22: Snow White- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Festival of Fantasy.

Day 23: Pumpkin- Mickey Jack O'Lantern and Cinderella Castle.

Day 24: Lake- The Seven Seas Lagoon from the Wedding Pavilion (not from this trip).

Day 25: Monorail- The mural at the entrance of Epcot (not from this trip).

Day 26: Imagination- The home of Imagination and Figment!!!

Day 27: Flower- Tinker Bell surrounded by flowers in Festival of Fantasy.

Day 28: Space- Space Mountain lit up at night from the PeopleMover.

Day 29: Character- Meeting Joy and Sadness!!!

Day 30: Parade- One of my favorite floats in the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Day 31: This is Halloween- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016.

They aren't hosting a photo challenge for November.  Honestly, I'm happy for another break!  But, hopefully I'll be back with more photos in December!  °o°

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