Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My 32nd Birthday

I can't believe it's already been 10 days since my 32nd birthday!  We've been so busy since then; it's like it passed in the blink of an eye!  Eliot and I had a wonderful time with his sisters last week.  I'll be posting more about their visit, but for now, I thought I'd do a quick recap of the celebrations on my actual birthday!

As you may recall from my birthday post, Eliot and I had a lazy morning watching Netflix with his sisters before we all got ready.  My Mom, Dad and Nana were traveling down to meet us for lunch!  It took us a little longer than expected to get ready, but I had a special birthday outfit I wanted to wear, and I also had asked Elissa to braid my hair!  Two dutch braids and a whole lot of Rapunzel later... and I was ready to party!

We met them at the South Portland Chili's restaurant.  (I absolutely love their mex bowls so that's why I picked Chili's!)  What I wasn't expecting was my brother Jeremy to surprise me!  My Mom hadn't told me in case the weather wasn't good, but he had been planning to come the entire time we were making plans!  I'm so glad he joined us!

We had a wonderful meal filled with laughter.  It was nice to have Sara and Elissa with us as well.  The girls told my family how the school year was going so far.  I enjoyed my mex bowl, and I had plenty of leftovers!  The waitresses even sang me a birthday song and brought over a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.  Yum!

After our meal, my parents went out to the car to get my cards and present!   It was wrapped in Frozen gift wrap!  When I saw the package, I already knew what it was since I had only asked for one thing.  You can see how excited I am!  Haha! 

Of course, it was my Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar!  I'm so glad my parents were able to get it.  It didn't sell out instantly, but it did sell out on the Disney Store website!  I can't wait to open the windows each day in December.  I've already seen sneak peeks online, so I decided to open it daily instead of all at once!  Then, I can enjoy it longer!

Before leaving Chili's, Jeremy brought over my gift from him.  I had asked him to see if his local Disney Store had a Pua (the pig from Moana) plush, but I wasn't expecting him to purchase one for me!  He gave me a Pua and Hei Hei set of plush!  He told me he'd return it if that wasn't what I was looking for, but one glance of Pua's little ears moving back and forth while he oinked and I was completely in love!  In fact, I think everyone was after we showed my parents and Nana.  Then, we had a lot of laughs about the 32 year old who got a bunch of plushies for her birthday and was in heaven.

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Finally, it was time to say goodbye.  It was pretty cold outside and the girls were half frozen. We bid my parents and Nana farewell and decided we were going to stay in Portland for a little bit to go shopping.

First, we went to ToysRUs and Jeremy joined us since he also wanted to go there.  We spent quite a bit of time poking through all the stuff.  They had a ton of fun Christmas stuff in the front.  I found the Tsum Tsum stocking I'd been looking for.  Then, I caved and spent a little of my birthday money on the Vinyl Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar, a small game, the Tigger Lip Smacker and a Tsum Tsum reusable bag.

After, we said goodbye to Jeremy and headed over to the Portland Mall.  We got sidetracked by the signs all over FYE and realized it was going out of business.  We found quite a bit of good deals there!  And, after a few minutes, we ran into my brother who had also gone over to the mall!  We each bought a few things at the store since everything was on sale.  I got three Moana Pop Vinyl figures and Eliot and I got a Finding Dory Christmas stocking.

We went around to a few other stores in the mall.  The girls made purchases at Build-A-Bear and American Eagle.  Eliot and I bought our donkeys Hanukkah shirts.  Then, we called it a night as the mall was closing at 6:00.  Plus, we'd decided to go see the 7:00 ish showing of the movie "The Edge of Seventeen."  Elissa and Sara really wanted to see it and it was actually pretty good!  Before the movie, we even got a chance to take pictures with the Moana sign!

When we got outside the theater, I thought it was raining, but after a minute, I realized it was snowing.  It started to come down faster as we drove home.  By the time we got home, it was sticking to the ground and we were having our first snow of the year!  It's the first time it's ever been on my birthday!  It was a great way to end the day!

I had a wonderful 32nd birthday and I'm very blessed to have spent it with my family and Eliot's sisters.  I think 32 is going to be a great year!  °o°

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