Saturday, January 14, 2017

I Can See Clearly Now the Pink Eye is Gone...

Hey Guys!  After 10 days of resting, relaxing a bit and getting healthy, I'm back.  My double conjunctivitis is gone and I can once again see clearly (for the most part).  I've been having a hard time using my computer for long periods of time so I've had to stay away from blogging.  Now, I'm feeling much better, and the only blurriness I have is from the fact that upping the lense prescription in my glasses is very over due.

Eliot and I continue to follow each other to the walk in clinic.  Last February, we both went in within the same week due to sickness.  This year, it's pink eye and a crushed toe.  No sooner was I in the clear with my pink eye, then Eliot stubbed his little toe on our giant 4x4 IKEA bookshelf.  It looked horrible and after about 48 hours, we decided we better get it checked. After an x-ray, it was determined that it wasn't broken.  But he's got to take it easy on it for the next two weeks.

Other than the pink eye and toe mess, 2017 has treated us well so far.  Eliot and I have continued to be pretty busy, but that's normal.  Our lives continue to be filled with work, creating new ear designs, making soap and working on our house.  I know our day to day lives don't sound very glamorous, but it's all of this hard work that allows us to enjoy time at our favorite place with Mickey.  So it's all totally worth it!

Speaking of Mickey, it's hard to believe that 40 days from now I'll be getting on a plane to go visit him again.  I've been down in our basement training for the Princess Half on our new treadmill.  I'm not doing anything crazy, but speed walking a few miles a day is better than nothing.  I'm hoping to graduate to jogging a little next week.  I'm terrified of losing my balance with my bad knee, but I'm getting more comfortable each day.  Plus, this is the most committed I've ever been to training!  Hopefully it'll pay off next month!

Of course, with a Maine winter, you're bound to get a little snow.  Right before the end of last year, we were pelted with a snow storm.  It varied a lot town to town, but our official town amount was 2 feet of snow.  We've had two days of January thaw this week, and it was in the 50's!  Most of our snow is melted down now.  And our driveway finally seems to be ice free... for now anyways!

Eliot and I continue to work on organizing our house.  We're still trying to get stuff unpacked and put away.  It's slowly starting to look how we want it to!  I'm hoping that we'll get a lot done this winter.  The cold winter weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and get stuff done!  It's going to be another house project filled weekend!

We've also been busy watching the San Jose Sharks.  As I've mentioned, Eliot's a huge fan.  And let's face it, I've become one too.  They play every few nights and we usually stay up to watch the games.  Of course, tonight, my New England Patriots have their first playoff game of this season.  They're #1 in the AFC East again, and they're projected to win tonight's game.  Nevertheless, it's not over until it's over.  I'm sure I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire game.  Go Pats!!!

And I haven't forgotten about my Christmas or New Year recaps.  Now that I'm able to be on my computer for longer periods of time, I'll be sure to tell you about those!  I've got so many things I want to write about!  I'm so glad I can see clearly again!   °o°

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