Sunday, January 15, 2017

National Hat Day

Happy National Hat Day!!!  This is an important occasion as it's also Happily Ever Hatter's third birthday!!!  It's hard to believe that three years ago, I finally took a giant leap of faith and opened my Etsy shop.  Of course, I'd been making ears for about a year before that.  It's amazing to see how far I've come since then:

I've had 75 Etsy sales.  I've had numerous sales outside of Etsy.  I can think of at least 50 orders from friends that I've had through PayPal.  Then, I've done a few others for friends and family separate from that.  I've made numerous ears for Eliot and me.  One of these days, I should really count just how many I've done.

I'm incredibly humbled to have just under 850 shop favorites on Etsy.  (Quick!  Three more people go favorite my shop to make it an even 850!)  Each of the items in my shop have likes, and some of those numbers still astound me!  I have 707 fans on my Facebook page.  My Instagram is fairly new, and I haven't put much effort into it, but I still have 226 followers.  And I think that's pretty good since I've only made 99 posts.

The support I've received from everyone is amazing.  I've gotten so many compliments from people in the parks and through my social media accounts.  It's so encouraging to have people genuinely like the stuff you're creating, designing and making.  I've also had many repeat customers, and that's the greatest compliment I can receive.

And I've got so much more in store.  I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of my design list.  I have supplies for so many designs.  I just have to take the time to sit down and bring them to life.  Eliot's got a ton of new IllusionEars designed.  We literally can't keep up with making them as fast as he's designing them.  We've listed more of the designs, and we have many more that will be coming to my shop soon.  It's really exciting.  (As always, I'll keep you in the loop with Happily Ever Hatter updates.)

Thank you everyone for your love and support of my little hat business!  I'm so happy that I finally took the leap of faith and put my designs out there.  It was scary, but it's been a very rewarding and successful three years and I feel so incredibly blessed.

Happy Birthday Happily Ever Hatter!  To many more yEars of making mouse ears!!! °o°