Friday, February 10, 2017

Fun Find: Beauty and Lord Voldemort

Hey friends!  Eliot and I are gearing up for a really busy weekend- filled with lots of ear making, San Jose Sharks hockey, training for our races and snow.  But before I get hunkered down to work, I wanted to stop by and share a quick fun find!

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Of course, we all know that the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie is just over a month away... exactly 5 weeks to be exact!  But who's counting?  (Me! Me! I am!!!)  I saw this video earlier today on Facebook, and it seems to be the latest thing traveling around the internet.  I had to swing by long enough to share it.

Those of you who follow along, know that I am also a huge Harry Potter fan.  I thought this mash up trailer of Beauty and Lord Voldemort, was pretty funny.  It actually looks pretty realistic too!  Anyways, just a little bit of fun!  I hope you enjoy it!!!  °o°

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