Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My 32nd Birthday Outfit

Happy Tangled Tuesday!!!  I'm really trying to get caught up on some of my blog posts, and this is one that I've been dying to write up for months now!  My 32nd birthday was a ton of fun.  One of the aspects that made it extra fun was my Rapunzel/Tangled themed outfit.  I showed you a few pictures back in November, but I wanted to share where I got everything!  It was definitely a day filled with small shop love!

I purchased my "I'm So Glad I Left My Tower" Rapunzel Raglan by Happily Ever Tees a few months before my birthday.  This particular color scheme was a limited edition, and I knew it would be perfect!  It definitely brought my whole outfit together!

I treated myself to my Rapunzel Tiara by Fairytale Wigs.  It was half off, and I literally ordered it for myself as a birthday present.  It's so sparkly!

I've had this Rapunzel Bow by Mad Hatter Bows for a few years now.  Since Elissa braided my hair, I didn't end up wearing it or the tiara on my birthday.  But, I'm definitely going to wear it with my other Tangled accessories in the future!

I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to debut my super cute Pascal Brooch by Hungry Designs!  Now I can't wait to wear it again!

I love my Rapunzel Necklace by Le Petit Mouse.  Not only is the Mickey Mouse charm with her tiara really cute, but the Tangled sun was a great addition to my outfit!

Of course, I had to wear my "Best Day Ever" Rapunzel Button by Parkbound Buttons!

I've also been waiting for the perfect occasion to debut my rose gold Rapunzel Tiara ring by AOS Design.  I had it since last Valentine's Day, and I wanted to wear it sometime special.  I absolutely love the rose gold limited edition version of it!

Of course, this was also the perfect day to wear some of my charms on my arms!  Eliot got me the Rapunzel Charm from Pandora whole ago, and it's adorable.  I'm a sucker for the princess dress charms!  I added my Rapunzel bracelet from Alex and Ani as an afterthought (it's not pictured in the top photo) to create this super cute look!

I absolutely love how my Rapunzel/Tangled inspired outfit came out!  I had so much fun wearing it.  I definitely want to try to do more Disney looks at home!  I am so happy with all of these purchases from small shops!  They really made my outfit unique! °o°

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