Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun Find Friday: Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer

Only two more weeks until Beauty and the Beast is released!  I can hardly wait!!!

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I've been super excited for this movie ever since the teaser trailer came out.  Now, we've come full circle, to the final trailer released for the movie.  This last one gave me chills.  All of them have been spectacular, but the addition of the song "Beauty and the Beast" from the soundtrack made it so much more powerful.

In fact, I had to rush over to iTunes to download the title song by Ariana Grande and John Legend as soon as I heard it.  I've been listening to it for the past month!  The full soundtrack will be released a week from today on March 10th.  I'm not sure I could possibly get more excited for this movie, but I'll check back in a week from now with the release of the soundtrack!  °o°

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