Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WDW February 2017 Bucket List Results

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since we returned from our trip to Walt Disney World!  Eliot and I have been super busy, but it means we're that much closer to spring!  (She said as the worst storm of the winter bears down on Maine bringing about two feet of snow...)  As promised, here is a recap of our bucket list from our trip!

Melissa's WDW February 2017 Bucket List:

°o°  1.) Buy a Mickey Mouse Balloon
This is one of those goals that I can't seem to shake.  I was going to do it at the beginning of our trip, but Eliot and I weren't at the Magic Kingdom (during the day) early in our trip.  I wanted to take pictures with it at the castle.  It wasn't worth it to buy a balloon only to pop it mere hours later.  I'll get one... eventually.

°o°  2.) Take a picture at the "purple wall”
We passed the purple wall, but it was night time and it didn't look very purple.  Plus, with our limited schedule, it wasn't that important to us.

°o°  3.) Participate in the Enchanted 10K and Princess Half
I did participate in the Enchanted 10K and the Princess Half!  I also finished my first runDisney race!  I'm very proud of that.  I didn't finish the half, but I finally listened to my body and I don't think my flat feet and bad knees are cut out for longer races.  I'm still doing Tink in May, but after that, I'm sticking to 5K and 10K races!

°o°  4.) Go on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride
Next trip, we are signing up for FastPasses for this!  I think this is the 5th time we've been since it opened and we STILL haven't been on it!

°o°  5.) See Rivers of Light
Eliot and I were able to see this on the night we went to Animal Kingdom.  I really enjoyed the show and the message.  I'm really looking forward to seeing it again!

°o°  6.) Take Photos at the Hubgrass
I should have done this Thursday afternoon while I was at the Magic Kingdom by myself.  However, I didn't bring the ears I wanted photos of with me.  We walked past the hubgrass a second time at dusk on our last night.  But, it wasn't that important and I wanted daytime pictures.  Next time!

°o°  7.) See Wishes One Last Time
Eliot and I actually saw Wishes twice during our trip.  We went Thursday night after he arrived, and we went again on our last night.  Goodbye Wishes!!!  :-(

°o°  8.) Take a picture at the “bubble gum wall"
I got a photo at the bubble gum wall in Epcot!

°o° 10.) Buy Haunted Mansion shoes at Expo
bought my Haunted Mansion wallpaper shoes from the expo.  Eliot and I also both got the wallpaper and hitchhiking ghost shoe charms.

°o° 11.) See Mickey's Friendship Faire Castle Show
I watched this on Thursday while I was at Magic Kingdom by myself.  I really enjoyed the show and it was cute.  It's not Dream Along with Mickey, but it was fun.

°o° 15.) Buy Rivers of Light Merchandise
Eliot and I behaved ourselves with the merchandise this trip, especially since a lot of it is available on the Shop Disney Parks App.  However, I did scope out the Rivers of Light merchandise, and I brought home a magnet!

°o° 16.) See the Tree of Life Light Up
Eliot and I saw a few versions of the Tree of Life coming to life.  We didn't realize that there were different versions!  Animal Kingdom at night is fun!

°o° 17.) Visit Disney Springs
Eliot and I went to Disney Springs after we rested up from the 10K.  We didn't do too much walking because we were a little sore, but I did see the tsum tsum dress, get some treats and do a little bit of shopping!

°o° 18.) Take a Tangled Magic Shot
I'm so happy to got my Tangled Magic shot!  I really wish that I'd smiled for the photo though.  They told me to look at the lantern and I was so serious.  Plus, I wish that Eliot and I had gotten one looking at each other.  Thankfully, it was just announced that they're extending the photo op!  I really hope we get the chance to do it again!

°o° 19.) Go Swimming
I don't know if we offiicially went swimming, but we went to the pool after the 10K.  The water was really cold, so we mostly just soaked our legs in it.  We were planning to go to Blizzard Beach, but after seeing how cold the Hippy Dippy Pool was, we decided we'd skip it this trip!  No biggie, it gave us more time to do other things!

°o° 20.) Meet Moana
When we walked through One Man's Dream, the line to meet Moana was over an hour long.  We had other things we were trying to get done, so we skipped it for now.  Plus, I wanted to wear a Moana inspired outfit.  I'm hoping next time the line won't be as long, or that we'll be able to meet her at Disneyland in May!

In addition to these, we also did a few other things we weren't expecting:

°o° Pop Century Pool Bar
This has been on my bucket list forever.  I didn't even put it on the list this time because I figured there was no way it would happen.  But, the timing and meaning behind it was very significant, and I really wanted to make sure it happened this time.

°o° Meet one of my Happily Ever Hatter Customers
Ok, we had planned to try to meet up, so it wasn't unexpected.  However, I wasn't sure how the timing would work.  I'm really happy it worked out so Eliot and I could spend a little bit of time talking with Corey!

°o° Hand Out a Ton of Business Cards
This was so exciting to me.  I've never handed out many, and this trip, Eliot and I handed out a ton.  We got a ton of compliments on our ears.  It really made me smile!

°o° Take Product Photos
Eliot and I brought over 20 sets of mouse ears with us.  While we didn't take photos of all of them, we took really good photos of a lot of our popular designs!

°o° See the Tsum Tsum Dress
This was originally on my bucket list, but I took it off.  I'm still really happy that I was able to see it live in person though!

°o° See All of the Night Time Shows
This probably puzzles you, but when you're going to Walt Disney World for a 5 day trip, that's also a race trip so you're going to bed early and getting up at 3 am two mornings in a row, this is a huge accomplishment!  But we did it!!!

°o° Take Pictures with the Enchanted Rose
This completely surprised me!  There was an enchanted rose set up at the Expo that you were able to take pictures with!  I did it both times Eliot and I went to the Expo!!!

°o° See the Flower and Garden Festival Topiaries
This was the greatest surprise of this trip... so much so, that I almost cried.  I was crushed when I found out our trip was directly in between the Festival of the Arts and the Flower and Garden Festival.  When I saw the topiaries out in the World Showcase, I literally almost started to cry out of happiness!

Looking back, our 5 day trip was pretty awesome.  All in all, I'd say 15 out of 20 isn't bad at all for a 5 day Walt Disney World trip!  Plus, the things we weren't expecting to do really made this trip special!  And there's so much more that happened too!  I'll make sure to tell you all about them in my trip recaps!  °o°

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