Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Keep Moving Forward

Well, we're at the end of March.  Looking back now, it's gone by pretty quickly.  But in the middle of it, it's been a rough few weeks.  Lately, I can't seem to catch a break!

I've still been dealing with some health issues.  My sinus problems have hit an all time high.  Though my nose isn't stuff up, I still can't hear in my right ear.  I went back to the walk-in-clinic and they prescribed me Flonase.  That seemed to help drain my sinuses, but then I had a terrible cough when it all drained into my chest.  I stopped taking it a few days ago and I'm feeling much better.  Yet, my ear is still clogged and feels like it needs to pop but I'm hoping that'll end very soon... more on that below.

We've hit a rough patch with our business between me being sick and dealing with some issues with another shop.  Everything seems to be resolved now, but it's left Eliot and I scrambling a little.  Thankfully, we're almost caught up.  We're even ahead of schedule with printing at least!  It's just been a bit discouraging.  I don't really want to re-hash it, but we definitely hit a low and it left me very angry, upset and hurt.  There have been some bright lights in between the hard spots though!  

I've been having a lot of fun in my adult education classes.  I finally started working on my flannel pyjama pants in my sewing class last week!  In the past week, I've cut my first pattern, the fabric and started sewing the pants together today!  Last week, I also finished my Beauty and the Beast tote bag from last semester.  I only had a few more steps to finalize it.  I'm so happy with out how it turned out!  I've already bought a few more fabrics to make more tote bags with!

I also finished my resin geode from a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love how it turned out!  It's so sparkly!  I can't wait to go to class to make another one in a few days.  I've got Eliot signed up to do it with me and I'm so excited!  I think I might make a pink one this time!  I've also started to buy a few supplies so I can make some at home!

In between working on mouse ears, we've kept busy watching San Jose Sharks games.  We haven't had a good run lately; we've lost 6 games in a row.  But they were the 3rd team in the league to clinch a playoff spot, so I'm not in panic mode... yet.  I'm sure they'll get it together.  They've been plagued with injuries and sickness the past few weeks.  Hopefully they get it out of the way before the playoffs start!

When I haven't felt like doing anything, I've been watching Quantico on Netflix and getting sucked into a world that's not my own.  Eliot and I finished the first season together, and watched the first few episodes of the second.  Then, I watched a few more without him.  I was waiting for him to catch up, but he said he's so confused he's going to have to re-watch it.  He gave me his blessing to continue without him, so I'll probably watch that here and there when I need to take a break!  My sickness has left me pretty exhausted, so it's been good to relax here and there throughout the day.

Last week, I went home to visit Mom, Dad and Nana for a quick overnight trip.  Nana had been in the hospital for a few days (she's ok!) and I really wanted to get home to see everyone.  Eliot and I mailed out a ton of orders on Wednesday so I was able to scoot home Thursday and Friday to visit with them!  I'm also planning to go back the last few days of tax season to help Mom and Dad out.

This past weekend my brother Jeremy came to visit us.  He had an event he was going to in Portland on Sunday, so he drove up Friday night and stayed with us.  Saturday, we went to IHOP for breakfast before heading to the Maine Mall to window shop.  We grabbed snacks and Ralph Breaks the Internet at Walmart.  Then, we got pizza at one of Jeremy's favorite Maine restaurants, came home to watch the Celtics game and then watched Ralph Breaks the Internet- which is really good!  It was a nice relaxing weekend and good to see Jeremy!

And we've got a lot of good things coming up!  Tonight, Eliot and I are on our way to California to see a few San Jose Sharks home games and to visit Eliot's Dad.  (Please pop ear!)  This will actually be my first time seeing one of their regular season games at the Tank!  I'm also really excited because we'll be there to see them play the Vegas Golden Knights and the Calgary Flames.  Both of those teams and the Sharks are the top three teams in the Pacific Division, so they're really important games.  Hopefully, the guys will have a good run while we're there and to finish off the regular season!

While we're out in California, we're also planning to go to the Sharks open practice, the Pro Shop at their training ice and the Sharks Store.  It will be a very hockey filled trip and I'm excited to experience these new things!  In addition, Eliot and I made a list of his favorite restaurants that he wants to visit.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather and the sunshine!  It'll be a quick trip, but I'm sure it'll be a fun one!  When we get home to Maine on Monday, it'll be April!  Hopefully March will end on a good note!  °o°

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  1. Have a great trip to California and thanks for your update!