Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Eliot's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my other half!!!  Today is Eliot's 32nd birthday!!!  I've been looking forward to celebrating his birthday, but it looks like things will be much more low-key.  

In the past, we've been at Disneyland for Eliot's birthday twice.  He shares a birthday with Donald Duck so that's always fun.  Back in 2016, we were able to get a picture of him and Donald with their matching birthday buttons.  That was a fun photo op!

Unfortunately, this year we don't have any big plans.  Eliot's at work right now.  He's planning to come home earlier than usual so we can work on finishing up a few mouse ear orders.  I suggested that he bring home pizza from Amato's, so we might do that for dinner.  We'll probably hang out and watch a few Hallmark movies... nothing major.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks we can go out and do something special.  Things are slowly starting to open up here in Maine.  I'm still a little nervous to go out, but I'm sure we can find things that are relatively safe to do.  (We're thinking Old Orchard Beach Pier Fries and sitting on the beach.)  I'm starting to feel a little like a caged animal, so I'm definitely in need of getting out- and celebrating his birthday is the perfect reason!

Plus, I'm glad that I'm actually home for Eliot's birthday this year.  Last year, I was still down in Nashville with Elissa and he was home in Maine.  (Although, I'm sure he very much enjoyed having the house to himself and playing video games all day.)  Still, I'm glad that we're able to be together for it this year.

Of course, it's not a birthday unless there's cake!  Thankfully, I have one last packet of cake in a mug from my half birthday mini celebration that I've saved for tonight.  I actually bought a Funfetti cake mix back in March thinking that I'd make it for Eliot's birthday but I don't have any frosting.  (I knew I forgot something!)  I haven't left the house in more than two weeks, and it's not much of a surprise if I ask him to buy some frosting before he comes home.  Maybe I'll make it for him sometime next week.

Even though we're still limited with what we can do due to COVID-19, I'm happy that we get to celebrate his birthday together.  That's what's most important!

Happy Birthday babe!  I hope you have a magical day!  I love you!!!  °o°

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