Thursday, June 18, 2020

New Product Alert: Tangled Desk Collection

Hello Friends!  I hope you're having a wonderful week.  I've had a crazy few weeks, but I wanted to stop in really quick to post about Eliot's new desk set that we just released a few days ago over in his Snowblade Creations shop!

It's been a few weeks since we first debuted our Spaceship Earth Desk Sets.  We've gotten rave reviews from friends, family and customers.  Eliot and I have been absolutely floored by the response.  Since then, we've been working on a few sets behind the scenes and this week we finally added all of our Tangled designs!!!

First, we have the Tangled Sun Business Card Holder.  This has actually been in the shop since January, but we finally made it in gold- it pops much more than the purple!

Next, we have the Tangled Sun Pen and Pencil Holder.  I've actually had this sample sitting on my countertop for months.  I wanted one to hold my make up brushes and we decided to wait to post it until it had some friends in the shop.

The most recent addition is our Tangled I See the Light Sticky Note Holder.  I didn't want the entire collection to be the sun, so we added this.  (We'll have a few more things for the collection in the coming months... but we're sticking to these for now.)

We also have the Tangled Sun Jewelry and Storage Box.  I love these little boxes; they're great for paper clips, but they're even more perfect for storing jewelry.  I'll probably end up with 10 different designs on my vanity before this is all said and done.

Finally, we're debuting a completely new product.  This is a Succulent Pot and Storage Tray.  I had Eliot design this for me months ago along with the Pen Holder.  (It's also been sitting on the counter for months waiting for friends.)  I really wanted a Succulent Pot for small plants, but it can also be used to store jewelry, paper clips, etc.  I think I'm going to get some small faux pink and purple succulents to put in mine.  Then, the colors of the plants will remind me of Rapunzel's dress.

Eliot and I are both really excited about how this set came out and the response to it so far... and we're still only getting started.  We've got at least two more desk sets that will debuting in the upcoming weeks.  We've also been working on a few stand alone items.  I've already added a few of those to the shop, but I'll be sure to write a post over here once I finish a few more samples of them!  Stay tuned!  °o°

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