Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New Product Alert: Jewelry and Trinket Trays

These past few months, Eliot and I have been busy working on new product designs and expanding our offerings.  Eliot has continued his work creating new designs for his Snowblade Creations shop.  In fact, it's hard to believe that it's already been a little over 6 months since we first debuted our Spaceship Earth Desk Sets.  We've made a few more desk sets since then, but Eliot and I still wanted to branch out a bit further.

One of my favorite parts about the desk accessories is that some of them can also be used for your vanity.  A pen holder can easily double as a make up brush holder much like a trinket storage box can also be used for jewelry.  Naturally, we decided it would be good to expand upon this concept to create some new product designs.  

Thus, Eliot has started to create jewelry and trinket trays.  Some of these new designs will match desk sets that we've already created.  Others are completely new ideas that don't currently have any other matching pieces.  Here's what Eliot's designed so far:

Hercules Medallion- This is the first trinket tray design that Eliot created.  It's one single color so it was easy to print the entire sample all at once.  We both liked the overall size, style and design.  Our newest product was born!

Wilderness Explorer- Eliot was really excited to get this design created.  (I swear that he was working on it almost as soon as our Hercules sample was done printing.)  I'm pretty much obsessed with Pixar's Up and I love how cute this design came out!  I'm daydreaming of having an entire vanity filled with Up accessories now... 

Mickey- As soon as he finished those other two designs, I told him it was time to get back to basics.  Of course, Mickey Mouse had to be our next design!

Minnie- After we added Mickey, we needed to add Minnie Mouse!!!  I love all of the potential color combination possibilities with her bow!  I already had Eliot print me a mint version with a silver and black polka dot bow for my vanity!

Halloween Minnie- We all knew this would happen.  This queen of holidays (me) had to have some festive options.  I thought orange with a black bow was a fun choice for Halloween!  Unfortunately, Halloween Minnie didn't quite make the launch as we hadn't finished the sample.  (I have her in my stack for our next product photoshoot!)

Christmas Minnie- And... I obviously needed a Christmas version.  I'm totally loving the bright and rich green with the red polka dot bow.  I think I'm in love.  Then, Eliot wanted to add a red one to the mix, so she's joined the line up as well.

Grape Soda- Eliot couldn't contain himself.  After he finished the holiday Minnie designs, he jumped head first into making this design to match the Wilderness Explorer tray.  I can't be mad though- it came out so cute... and I'm in love.

Tangled Sun- This was one of the first designs I told Eliot we had to make.  It will go perfectly with a few of our Tangled desk/vanity accessories that we've already made!  I love that we have both a single color or two color version!

Monorail- Eliot secretly worked on this design while I was away for a few days helping my parents over the summer.  I love having all of the monorail stripe color options!

Pixar Ball- This is another design that Eliot made in secret.  I love how it came out!

Mickey Candy Corn- I wanted to make one more Halloween design.  Since, I'm obsessed with candy corn, I begged Eliot to make this.  I love how it turned out!!!

Disneyland Sign Name- I've saved my favorite for last; I pretty much begged Eliot to make this design as well.  I proudly present, our Personalized Disneyland Sign Name trinket tray.  Inspired by the retro Disneyland Hotel sign, this can be personalized with anyone's name and with any colors!  So far, we made my name in both Halloween and Christmas colors, but Eliot's also working on a metallic silver, mint, black and white version for my vanity in our master bedroom!

These are all of the designs we've included in our jewelry and trinket tray debut!  Eliot's already made a few more designs; we just haven't made the samples of them yet.  I'm absolutely loving the idea of personalizing my vanity with Disney items... especially when I can change them with the seasons and for the holidays!  Eliot and I have a few other ideas we're hoping to make along this vanity idea... Stay tuned!  °o°

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