Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tangled Turns 10

Happy 10th Anniversary Tangled!!!  It's been ten years since Rapunzel escaped from her tower and saw the floating lanterns gleam.  This is the perfect year for Tangled to be celebrating it's anniversary year.  I mean, who else is better at social distancing than Rapunzel?  Plus, she's the princess of the Kingdom of Corona!  (Nowadays, aren't we all feeling a little like the lost princess?  But I digress...)

For me, picking a favorite Disney movie would be like picking a favorite child, but if I had to pick only one, Tangled would be it.  Rapunzel has always been the Disney princess that I relate to most.  Her creativity, optimism, dreaming and hope has always resonated with me.  I also love to learn new things, paint, sew, bake, read and to make things.  Plus, I've always loved her tower.  While I wouldn't want to be trapped up there, I'd love to have my own tower like hers to craft and read in.


Tangled has been a big part of my life over the last 10 years.  I walked down the aisle to "I See the Light" at our Disney Wedding.  Back then, Eliot hadn't seen Tangled yet, but the song felt like the perfect tie in to our fairy tale wedding.  I had a Tangled themed 30th Birthday Party.  I also wrote my 30 Things to Do in my 30's and was inspired by Rapunzel's sense of wonder and dreaming.

I have so many Tangled outfits and accessories.  Through the years, I've collected bows, headbands, jewelry, mini backpacks, purses, shirts, skirts, dresses and more.  I even wore a Rapunzel inspired outfit for my 32nd Birthday.

Eliot and I also took some inspiration from Rapunzel and Flynn for our Fall 2017 Dapper Day Outfits.  I'm not sure if I ever posted about it, but we Disneybounded as Rapunzel and Flynn in Christmas themed attire.  I created my green and red skirt.  I also made myself a Christmas Tangled lantern that even lit up!  (We were stopped all over the Magic Kingdom from people asking where they could purchase one!)

Tangled is also one of our favorite films to get design inspiration from.  Tangled was one of the first 3D printed mouse ear designs that we created.  Through the years, I've made many different variations of our Tangled sun ears.  My favorite was probably my most recent flower crown when I even made my own little magic flower!

Eliot also debuted his Tangled Desk set a few months ago.  It's been pretty popular since then and we're hoping to add a few more items to the collection as well!

I've also gotten inspiration from Rapunzel for my office.  We painted my office a soft purple color that was totally inspired by her dress. I dream of someday having an entire Rapunzel themed office. I've already been collecting things here and there to put in it!

As you can see, Tangled has had a big impact on our lives. Thank you Walt Disney Animation Studios for creating a film that so many people love and relate to.  

Happy 10th Anniversary Tangled!!!  °o°

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