Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disney Holiday Weakness: Part 2

As you now know from Part 1, I have a total addiction to Disney's holiday merchandise.  Christmas is probably my worst holiday when it comes to my weakness.  The Disney's Days of Christmas store in Downtown Disney, is basically the first place I go as soon as we get there!  Disney already has a few items on their website for Christmas now.  They've been releasing new ornaments here and there.  Which brings me to Part 2 of my confession: I have a special weakness for Disney Christmas ornaments.

I've collected Christmas ornaments in general for a few years now, but I started specifically getting ornaments from Disney every year in 2007.  They have those adorable ornaments with the year and logo on them.  And I have one for every year that I've been since then!  I've also tried to grab a few character ornaments.  And I usually get some from my parents every few years.  Eliot was introduced to my Disney Christmas ornament collection when we started dating, and since then, he's actually bought quite a few ornaments of his own to put on our tree.  (Note: we probably need a second tree...)

Right now, I'm totally in love with the Ear Hat ornaments.  I love hats, especially Ear Hats!  Disney is killing me with all of their awesome designs.  Of course the bride and groom ears are a must for Disney Wedding couples.  And I have a weakness for the Princesses.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Disney Christmas Merchandise- photos from Disney Store website.
Then there's the ornaments based off of the theme park rides.  There's a Pirates AND a Haunted Mansion ornament?  (Disney, if you're trying to completely break my willpower, you've succeeded!)  One of my other favorites from the newest collection is the snowman in the snowglobe from Pixar's Short Knick Knack.  It's my all time favorite Pixar Short and obviously I've never seen any merchandise from it before!  I basically squealed when I saw it!  There's even a little escape door at the bottom like in the short!  How awesome is that?!!?

Disney Christmas Merchandise- photos from Disney Store website.
The other ornament collection that just about knocked me out of my seat was the shoe collection.  I'm a great lover of shoes.  I actually designed some Minnie Mouse shoes to wear at our wedding rehearsal.

My custom designed Minnie Mouse shoes for our Wedding Rehearsal.
So when I saw the shoe ornaments, I knew that would be a great addition to my ornament collection.  I haven't gotten any of them yet, but I'm hoping to collect them over time. 

Princess Shoe Ornaments- photos from Disney Store website.
I really wish that they made real shoes just like the ornaments!  How cool would it be to have a pair of Tinkerbell or Rapunzel pumps?

 Character Shoe Ornaments- photos from Disney Store website.
And you can't forget the Villains!  How cool are these?

Villains Shoe Ornaments- photos from Disney Store website.
On top of my ornament collection, I also have various Christmas items to decorate the house with.  I'm so excited that we have a whole house to decorate.  Our apartment has been pretty packed the past few years.  But the addition of a yard and front porch will be fun to work with.  Not to mention the fact that we have the exterior of the house.  Mr. My Disney Life has huge plans for a Christmas light spectacular!

I've also gone to great lengths to collect two Disney Christmas Villages.  I finally found the entire Toontown Village (minus the fountain).  And I'm almost done with my Main St. USA Village.  I think the only buildings I need are the Emporium and Town Hall.  I can't wait to set them up!  I'm hoping to put the Toontown Village in our front window bay so it will be all lit up at night.

My Toontown Village and other Disney Christmas Decorations.
In addition to my Christmas collection, I have a few Disney Hanukkah items.  Eliot is Jewish, so I made sure to grab a few Hanukkah things when I spotted them.  Disney Hanukkah merchandise is hard to come by.  There are only a few things that Disney puts out each year.  This year, they actually made a new set of dishes that are really fun and modern looking.  I absolutely love them!  And they look like they'll go pretty well with my Happy Hanukkah wall banner from a few years ago!  I might have to get a few of those wine glasses… 

Disney Hanukkah Merchandise- photos from Disney Store website.
I also have some great ideas for some Disney Christmas and Hanukkah themed crafts.  Needless to say, I'm sure that we'll have our own Spectacle of Disney Chrismukkah Wonder come December.  °o°


  1. Omg. I need ALL OF THESE!! Hahaa

  2. I know! They're awesome. It makes me fear what they'll come out with next. The ornaments just keep getting more addictive! :o)

  3. I actually really like the shoe ornaments! They're super cute!

    1. Yes they are! And they're flat so you could display them on a shelf after Christmas each year... ;o)

  4. Hi there! I ordered and just received my Knick Knack Snowman globe and it was broken :-( It is for my daughter for Christmas. Do you happen to know any other place to get one by chance? I know I will have to pay more for it.

    1. Hmm... did you order them from the Disney Store online? Or from the Disney Parks Mail Order Service?

      If it's from the Disney Store, I'd call them and refer to your order number and explain what happened. They'll most likely send you a new one. (We received a damaged snowglobe last year and they sent us a brand new one!) You can also email them- if you go to the website the "contact us" button is on the bottom right!

      If it's from the Disney Parks Mail Order System, I'd call them as well because I'm sure that they'll want a happy customer!

      If they can't get it to you in time for Christmas, I'd print a picture of the snowglobe ornament and put it in an envelope or box and tell her that it's on it's way! (Then she'll still have a gift to open.) My Mom and Dad did that for me a few years ago with a collectible doll that wasn't available for delivery until after Christmas and I was still just as excited!

      Good luck!!! :-)

    2. Hi. Sorry, forgot to mention I bought it from Disney.com, and also that they are now sold out! I was able to glue the piece on but still want to give her a perfect one :-). I will still give it to her though. Disney.com was great, didn`t want this one back and also gave me a credit.
      Thanks for your input, it is appreciated! Have a Merry Christmas!

    3. I'm so glad that it worked out! I hope that you had a Merry Christmas!!! I'm going to Disney in less than two weeks so I'll have to see if they still have them in the park! I was planning to get one and I never bought it!