Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Projects

This past week I've been busy with more projects.  I really seem to be getting in the groove.  But I also would like to have my dining room table functioning again at some point, so I guess I have ulterior motives?  Either way, I might as well finish the projects!  Here's what I accomplished:

Picture Frame- I sealed the frame and added the red Mickey Mouse rhinestone "bling" to the corners.  It is now hanging back up in the bathroom!  I just need to add a picture to it… 

Mickey Mouse picture frame.
Shelf for Bathroom- This week I put a few more coats on my shelf for the bathroom.  I just have to finish sealing it and then add one more detail to it and it will be done!  It's going to be awesome.  Yay!

Painting more layers on the shelf.  Almost finished!
Flowerpots- I've been working on my second batch of flowerpots this week.  I've been having such a good time with them, that I bought even more pots last weekend.  Home Depot got a fresh supply, so Eliot and I bought two small 4.25" pots and one 10" flowerpot.  And I plan to buy more.  My name is Melissa and I have a problem... ;-)  

I've finished painting my mini Mickey and Minnie pots as well as a second set of large ones.  I also worked on painting the details on my Sorcerer Mickey pot that I've been putting off.  The stars and the moon for the hat were a little bit tricky.  And his belt wasn't exactly a walk in the park either, but I finished it!  Now they all just have to get sealed.  My other works in progress still need their details painted.  I'll probably finish that next week!

My original flowerpots are displayed on our front steps.  Sadly, when we went to try to buy flowers for them, Home Depot had run out of the kinds we were looking for.  So, no flowers right now.  But we're planning to go back to try again!  (And I'll try not to buy more flowerpots... maybe?)

Flowerpots everywhere!
Sign- This week, I also wanted to start working on a sign for our front porch.  We have a random nail that's already inserted in the brick front of the house, so of course I saw it as a signal that we needed a sign to put on it!  I bought a wood sign from Michael's a few months ago.  I've painted it in our wedding colors since I thought that it would be a nice reminder of our wedding and because there are lime and pink accents all over our house anyways!

Working on our new address sign.
I used InDesign to create a template for the sign.  I used the "Minnie" font for the text.  I also wanted to add the Mickey Mouse heart hands detail because I thought it was a cute way to incorporate our love of all things Disney.  I think that it's going to look great on the porch next to all of my flowerpots!

Planning the approximate location of our new sign.
Tray for Living Room- My favorite project from this week was my tray for our living room.  I've also had a tray for our living room for months.  I found the perfect one at ACMoore and it's been sitting unfinished on our side table.  I've known what I wanted to do with it for a while now, but I was holding back because I needed to use a technique that I've never tried before!  After a few attempts of different methods, I got the hang of it and my paint splatter tray was created!  After I finished the splattering, I added three "hidden Mickeys" for fun.  (Can you find them?)  I absolutely LOVE how it came out!  So much so, that I'll probably do a tutorial on it!  

Paint Splatter Tray with Hidden Mickeys for our living room.
I'm sure next week will probably be another crafty one.  I still have that 10" flowerpot to paint!  °o°


  1. I don't know why but I always enjoy the diy posts the most. After seeing this one I can't help but think you need to add one more font to your collection...

    You should recognize it from two places, the Haunted Mansion and your wedding album.

    1. I like the DIY posts the most too! I have so much fun making things! I love the font! Thank you! I did recognize it as soon as I saw the name! Love me some Haunted Mansion! ;o)

      Speaking of our amazing wedding album, you and Nico are pretty crafty yourselves! I should have you guys do a guest post sometime? :o)

    2. I haven't done anything crafty in a while but I would love to do a guest post somewhere down the line.

    3. Consider this your invitation! I also think we should do an Imagineering collaboration sometime! :o)