Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics

I absolutely love the Olympics.  I've had so much fun watching all of the winter sports over the past few weeks!  I love athletes overcoming adversity and watching them shine.

And when else would I watch curling, luge, skiing, snowboarding and all of the other events?  The only Olympic winter sports I usually keep track of on non-Olympic years are hockey and sometimes women's figure skating.

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
I've held of on typing this post because I've been enjoying the Olympics so much that I kept putting it off.  But, with the 2014 Winter Olympics coming to an end this weekend, I thought it was time to sit down and write it!

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
Now, I know there has been a lot of controversy leading up to (and during) these games. A lot of people have boycotted watching them; but I'm not one of those people.  No, I'm not jazzed about the poor construction conditions in Sochi, or the killing of all of the stray dogs, or the resettlement of so many people to build the venues.  As for Russia's anti-gay policy, I'm not one to push my thoughts, opinions or ideas on others, and this is not the place to do so.  But can't we all agree that this world filled with enough hatred and could use a little more love?  Besides, the Olympics are supposed to be a way of bringing the world together, not trying to tear it apart more.

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
Anyways... I love what the Olympics should stand for: amazing athletes that come together from all over the world to celebrate the human spirit.  I support our athletes who have trained so hard to achieve their dreams.  After my half marathon experience, I understand now more than ever the dedication that they have to have to make it to the Olympic stage.  Plus, in true Disney spirit, I'm all for peoples' dreams coming true!

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
This year, Disney even got in on the Olympic fun and they featured some fun pictures of the characters from Frozen competing in winter Olympic sports.  They featured a post with them on their Oh My Disney blog.  (I've included some of those photos on this post.)

Photo Credit: Pinterest (Original Pin)
Another fun way that Disney has been incorporated into these winter games, are the figure skating costumes.  It wasn't on purpose, but there are a few similarities.  I stumbled across both of these pictures while browsing on Pinterest.  I was always a huge "Disney On Ice" fan growing up, so I thought these were fun!

Photo Credit: Bustle
In the spirit of the games, I created a fun design to celebrate featuring the Fab 5.  I thought it was fitting that the Olympic rings all had similar colors: blue/Donald, black/Mickey, red/Minnie, yellow/Pluto and green/Goofy's hat.  I've actually had the design on my laptop for a while now.  I should have shared it sooner so we could use it to cheer the Olympians on!  But, better late then never!

Here are the files if you'd like to use them for a project or scrapbook:

Disney Olympics

Disney Olympics- Go USA

Finally, I also decided to make some Olympic medals.  Eliot and I thought about buying a Build-A-Bear medal to put on Eeyore.  (He's been wearing his blue Patriots jersey and silver pants the entire Olympics and Duffy has a red scarf- red, white and blue.)  Instead, I decided to make some medals for them.  But the same technique can be used to make medals for kids, Build-A-Bears, other plush, or dolls.

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
Check back tomorrow for a tutorial so you can make your own medals just in time for the closing ceremonies Sunday night!  °o°

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