Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Valentine Printables

Hi Friends!

I'm back after a few days off from blogging.  Between being gone for our Disney trip and having my wisdom teeth removed, it was time that I focused on cleaning around the house.  And I really needed to finish taking the Christmas decorations down.  Eliot helped me tackle most of it, but I put up a ton of those gel window clings and they weren't going to peel themselves off.  Now that we've officially said goodbye to Christmas, I'm looking forward to the next holiday celebration: Valentine's Day!

I know that you guys love the holiday printables that I post, so I'm back with some for Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, they really look more like a normal Mickey and Minnie (with a pink bow).  But that's ok!  I thought that I'd post them anyways!  

I used the Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day Candy Box printables from Spoonful.

Once again, I modified them by enlarging their faces.  Next, I printed them on sturdy card-stock and cut them out, being careful to just get their faces.  I added Scotch tape to the back and viola: simple Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day cupboard decorations!

If you'd like to make some, but don't feel like going through all of the steps I did, I've posted my modified files below.  I do not take any credit for creating these! They are property of Disney and Spoonful.  I just modified them to fit my needs! Ok? Got it? Good.

These would make a fun project for kids to make their own masks!  Or, you could make them into wall art with a picture frame.  If you're going to Disney, you could even print them on magnetic paper and put them on your Disney Resort door!

The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!!!  °o°