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WDW Honeymoon Recap- 3/30/13 (Part 1)

Saturday the 30th, we planned a super busy day.  We had one full day left at Walt Disney World and we were going to do as much as possible!

It started out with my least favorite part of every trip (other than leaving the Magic Kingdom and officially leaving Disney property) the Magical Express packet.  Boo!  After that lovely reminder, we decided that it was time to make every single second count! Thus, we decided to start the day by finally taking our walk around the lake!

Eliot and I had packed a small amount of running gear with the intention of starting our training at Disney.  We knew that the path around the Art of Animation and Pop Century Resort would be perfect.  We started out by walking from the 1950's where our room was over to the bridge.  Then we examined the Art of Animation Resort map.

We decided that we'd wander through each of the sections since it was our first time there.  We doubled back so we could see the Cars section.  It ended up being more of a brisk walk than a run.  We stopped to take a lot of pictures with the Cars.

Then we went to visit Nemo at the Big Blue Pool.

We continued on our journey to see Timon, Pumbaa and Simba on a log (like in Hakuna Matata).  Then Mufasa was on Pride Rock and the hyenas and Scar were another rock.

When we entered the Little Mermaid section, we walked through all of Ariel's gadgets and gizmos.  At the end of those I took a picture with the Prince Eric Statue.  Then we went over to Ariel so I could get another photo.  We also took a few photos of the movie facts along the walkway near the water.

We kept walking back over to Pop Century.  I made sure to take a picture of the Generation Gap Bridge.  The Art of Animation was originally supposed to be another section of Pop Century.  (That's why our section is called "The Classic Years.")

When we got closer to Pop, I took a picture looking back at the Art of Animation Resort and it's sections: Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King and Little Mermaid.

Back at Pop, we learned a few facts about the 1950's.

Eventually, we made it back to our building.  We ended up walking just over 1.25 miles!

It was a great workout and fun start to the day!  We even wore our RunDisney shirts!

After we worked up an appetite, we showered and headed over to enjoy brunch at Chef Mickey's!  Neither one of us had ever been!

We got our picture taken before getting seated.

We enjoyed having the characters visit us throughout our meal.  I haven't been to a character dining experience since I was probably 7 years old!

The food was so yummy!!!  I finally got my Mickey Waffle, along with 3 plates of absolute deliciousness!!!  I loved the buffet and tried to eat as much as I could.

Eliot LOVED Chef Mickey's and the all you can eat buffet.  I'm pretty sure that he ate at least 20 pieces of bacon.  He's usually super picky with food, so I'm glad that he enjoyed this and got his money's worth out of it!  We'll have to go there every trip to WDW now. But I've gotta say, I was a big fan too.  I love me some Mickey Waffles!

Our waiter saw our "Just Married" buttons and he gave us a celebration cupcake!  It was quite a surprise!  The frosting was superb!

Disney had a few chocolate Easter Eggs on display here as well.

There was even a special Chef Mickey's Easter Egg outside of the restaurant entrance. It had a large piece of chocolate with Contemporary Resort written all over it.

After our brunch, we decided to go over to Downtown Disney.  Eliot really wanted to go to DisneyQuest to design his own roller coaster.  He'd never been there before, and I promised him that we'd go this trip.  We went on a few of the rides together, and then we set off to make his design.  The first time around, it wasn't as wild as he wanted it to be. After riding the first one, we made another one and it was crazier.  He had a great time.

I went for the more tame experience and had fun playing with the picture maker.

After we left DisneyQuest, we decided to leisurely explore Downtown Disney on our way back to the Marketplace bus stop.  We went to check out the Vinylmation at D Street.  I love their Vinylmation chandelier.

Then, we passed by the Characters in Flight hot air balloon.  We were planning to try it on this trip but we ran out of time.  But, we'll do it another trip!

We went to the Lego Store and admired all of the Lego sculptures.  I enjoyed the Woody and Buzz Lego sculpture with RC on the bottom.

There was also Snow White with Dopey and some forest friends.

Of course the other Seven Dwarves were there as well!

We went back to Team Mickey to see the RunDisney stuff.  While there, we went into the connecting store, Tren-D, to try it on so we'd know what sizes we would need. Apparently, Edna Mode thought that we looked fabulous!

Next, we had fun playing with the Potato Head bins in Once Upon a Toy.  On the way in, we took a picture of Eliot with Buzz!

I love this giant Monopoly board!  (And I think I take a picture of it every time we go.)

Finally, we decided it was time to go back to Pop Century.

We needed to drop some stuff off and prepare for the next half of our day!  °o°

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