Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Away

Hey guys!  I hope you enjoyed our honeymoon recap!  It was fun to re-live all of those memories.  And it really makes me want to go back to Disney!

I'm back from a short weekend trip!  Eliot and I went home to visit my family this weekend.  It was my Nana's birthday on Sunday.  We also wanted to spend some time with Mom and Dad.  They're both accountants and things are getting pretty hectic with tax season ending in a week!  We thought we'd take their mind off it for a little bit.

Saturday, we enjoyed a nice lunch with my grandparents, aunt and my Mom.  Then on Sunday, we all took Nana out to breakfast and my cousin Kaitlin and her two boys met up with us.  It was a lot of fun.  (And my french toast was delicious.)

After breakfast, Eliot and I "babysat" (aka distracted) the boys while Kaitlin ran around Wal-Mart getting Easter basket stuff.  I pushed Isaac around while Eliot and Emery played with the toys.  Emery decided to pretend he was Iron Man even though he had no idea who he was.  Although, he did recognize a few other Disney characters.

Later Sunday afternoon, Eliot and I went for a walk on the carriage paths of Acadia National Park. (We brought our "mascots" Eeyore and Duffy too.)

It was snowy, icy, muddy and hard to walk in some areas, but it was fun nonetheless.  

Plus, the sign up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is coming up in a few days and we're ready to go back to training for it outside!

It was a great little getaway.  We're hoping to go up again in two weeks for my Mom's birthday and Easter.  Maybe the trails will be less snowy by then?  I guess we'll see!

For now, I'm going stay indoors, make more hats and get ready for Easter with some fun crafts!  Don't worry, I'll share what I'm working on!

Check back in tomorrow for BJ's birthday post of my first ever guest blogger!  °o°

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