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WDW Honeymoon Recap- 3/30/13 (Part 2)

Our second half of Saturday the 30th was spent at our favorite Walt Disney World parks: Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.

We headed over to Epcot so we could catch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  We got there early enough that we had time to take a few pictures on the way over to the World Showcase Lagoon.

We ended up getting a short photo session with the PhotoPass guy at the Spaceship Earth location.  He even had us pose with our Just Married buttons.

Then we made our way over to watch IllumiNations.  It seemed appropriate to end the last night of our honeymoon with the same show that was the ending to our wedding day.

The show was amazing as always.  We underestimated the crowd and didn't get the best view, but it was still awesome.  It's always one of my favorites.  People around us ended up copying my camera movements because they realized that I'd seen the show and knew all the appropriate moments to be ready.  (And I may have been quietly humming along with the music too!)

I still get chills every time I see it!  After the show, our first dance song "Promise" played over the World Showcase Lagoon.  We danced at the edge of the water.

We waited to let the crowds pass, then we slowly made our way back towards the front of the park.  We stopped to take a picture at the Monster's University topiaries.

I also took a photo of the Lion King topiaries on the walk back to Future World.  You can see how packed it was!

We took one more photo with Spaceship Earth at night.  It ended up being the same photographer from our mini photo session!  Then we took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom to go on all of our favorite rides one last time!

When we got to the Magic Kingdom, we decided to get more autographs for our book.  I was pretty determined to fill it at this point!  We went to meet the Princesses at City Hall. First we met Cinderella.  She was ok with letting me borrow her coach for our wedding.

Then we met with Aurora.

And finally Rapunzel!  She taught Eliot "the smolder" Flynn does.

Then we made our way over to New Fantasyland one more time.  We passed by Be Our Guest at night when the Beast's Castle was all lit up.

We stopped by Gaston's Tavern for a quick picture.  The area was basically empty.

We went on Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid one more time.

After, we continued on our quest for autographs and met Ariel in her grotto.  She was pretty spunky and told the guy in front of us a thing or two!  (He was trying to hit on her.)

I took another picture of Prince Eric's Castle before we left New Fantasyland.

We continued heading towards Liberty Square but we stopped to get pictures of Rapunzel's Tower and village lit up at night.  The lanterns were beautiful.

And I guess it was officially time for my bathroom creeper adventure since Eliot got photos of the thugs in the men's restroom.  I went inside and got pictures of the ceiling where Rapunzel painted it.  Her paint supplies are on a shelf near the ceiling.  And Disney even themed the doors to the stalls!  There are actually little grooves in the Corian so it looks like they're wooden doors.  It's a really beautiful restroom.

My absolute favorite part is the painting in the entrance way to the bathroom.  It wraps around the outside door and then there's a mural on the wall.  I love it!

I also took another photo of Rapunzel's Tower as we walked by.  I like how it's lit up pink and purple like her dress.

Of course, we had to go on the Haunted Mansion one more time!

I took a few photos around the graveyard and inside since it was quiet.

Our last ride this trip was Pirates of the Caribbean!  And the ride wasn't broken this time! Did we break our Pirates curse?  (I think so, but we got another one instead!)

Disney had added new mermaid features since we were there in September for our wedding!  There are mermaids projected on the water in the cave now, as well as them singing.  And this is a very dark picture of the mermaid skeleton that they added to the shipwreck scene!  It's a subtle change, but it ties in well with the newest Pirates movie.

I stopped for a few moments to take one more glance at Cinderella Castle at night time.  I always like to take a few minutes to reflect on how blessed I am to be there.  And this time, it was really necessary, because I physically had to stop walking.  Ok, I'll share the story:  We might have broken the Pirates ride breaking curse, but I think that I picked up another one! After our ride on Pirates, I broke myself right outside the ride!  My left foot had a spasm in it and I barely made it back to the end of Main Street. 

Once I hobbled down Main Street, I took a few photos in the windows of the Emporium while I was waiting on Eliot.  I thought that he'd gone into the Emporium to trade a Vinylmation or some of his pins.

But apparently, he left me for a mission...

When he returned a few minutes later, he had a wheelchair for me so I didn't have to keep hurting my foot every time I stepped down.  He pushed me all the way to our Pop Century bus stop!  (Which is the farthest possible stop at the Magic Kingdom.)

He's a good husband- "in sickness and in health" right?  °o°

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