Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Eliot and I had a great extended weekend visiting with my family!  It was very relaxing after all of the craziness leading up to Christmas.  I fully intended on blogging while I was home, but I found myself so relaxed that I didn't want to push myself to feel like I needed to "work" on it.  Now, I'm playing catch up, but I'm ok with that!

Our Christmas was wonderful.  We were happy to spend the day with my parents, my brother Jeremy and my Nana and Papa.  It was a quiet Christmas this year since both of my parents were getting over a very rough strain of the flu.  Mom and Dad were completely wiped out, but we still pulled it off!  

Santa was very good to us.  Eliot and I got a new smoothie blender, a deep fryer and plenty of household cleaning products Santa knew we were in need of replenishing.

Santa also brought us fun gifts and it was definitely a very Frozen Christmas in our household!  Eliot got a ton of Olaf items since Santa knew how much he likes Olaf. (You can see from the photos below that he was ecstatic.)  I got him the Olaf stocking he'd been eyeing.  I also got him the new Olaf's in Trouble game.  Meanwhile, I got the Frozen Build-A-Bears I'd asked Santa for.  (It's not Christmas unless I get a stuffed animal.)  I'm going to build these sometime in the next few weeks and then they can wear the new Frozen Build-A-Bear outfits that I also got.  Eliot bought me Frozen socks and a picture frame for my photos with Anna and Elsa from last year at WDW!

My favorite tradition is watching the Disney Christmas Parade in the morning after opening our gifts.  We all gather around the television every year since as far back as I can remember.  This year, it was more of a lack of parade.  I was really excited for the Frozen theme, but the overall "parade" was a huge disappointment.  I missed actually seeing the classic floats that I know and love.  Disneyland was barely featured at all. The entire thing felt like one huge, very forced, promotional concert.  I was excited to see how Elsa "froze" the Magic Kingdom, and then it was so quick and fake looking that I thought it was really cheesy.  I'm sure some kids loved it, but I wasn't excited about it.  Overall, I'm still glad that I watched it but I'm really hoping they go back to the basics and have a parade next year!

The rest of the weekend Eliot and I hung out at my parents' house.  Eliot helped my Dad take some of his Christmas lights down.  I set up Nana's new tablet and taught her how to use it.  Nana and I examined my new Frozen patterns.  Eliot and I talked to my parents and watched a few Christmas movies with them.  It was pretty low key, but it was nice.  I think we were all glad for a short break before life speeds back up again. 

Now, Eliot and I are back home and ready for a quick work week and then more days off.  (Both Eliot and I have another extended five day weekend.)  After that, we have two workdays and then we're on our way to Walt Disney World!  I (finally) checked our countdown and we have nine more days!?!?!  Already?  We're in single digits!!!  °o°

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