Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fun Find: Christmas Light Displays "Let It Go"

I wanted to share another fun find with you!  Usually I'd wait until Friday to share it. Instead, I'm going to break my own "rules" and share it today.  (Maybe they're more "guidelines" anyways.)  Plus, there are only so many more Fridays until Christmas...

2013 Christmas Light Display
Eliot is a huge fan of Christmas light displays.  He never used to be; he's Jewish and didn't grow up covering his house in a ka-gillon lights.  When we first started dating, he even asked me why people turned their Christmas lights on the night of Thanksgiving. He thought that might be too soon.  (Really?!?)  I told him that was considered the "official" start of the holiday season.

2013 Christmas Light Display
Boy, have times changed.  This year, Eliot actually asked me if it would be alright to start putting out our Christmas lights in August.  You read that correctly... August.  Not to turn them on, but to have them started.  Thankfully, I convinced him to hold off until October.  Although, we had quite the Halloween light display too.

Nowadays, Eliot's obsessed with lights, inflatable characters and designing our displays.  I'm ok with it; I'm glad he's embraced the fun that goes into it.  My parents bought him a light show set last year for Christmas- now our lights can sing and "dance" to the music.  We look at Christmas lights as soon as they're on the shelves in Wal-Mart.  (Usually, sometime in late September/early October.)  He helped my Dad put up the lights on my parents' house last year.  (Mom and Dad have a lot of lights and people in town drive by just to see them- but that's another story...)  This year, Eliot has a game plan to go to Home Depot and Wal-Mart with my Dad the day after Christmas so they can get lights half off.  He's even saved the gift card he got for his birthday for this very occasion.  (Daddy, we have created a monster.)

Last year, Eliot discovered the Great Christmas Light Fight show on ABC.  (Ruh-roh!) Our Christmas light displays are no where near as cool as those ones but it's given us a lot of ideas for the future.  (I repeat: ruh-roh!)  Eliot's already designing things in his head.  Of course, I'm not immune to it; I've got my own ideas for Disney themed yard displays.  I'm sure as our collection grows, it will definitely be a sight to see!  

It's a lot of fun to drive around and see everyones houses all lit up.  However, if you can't get out to enjoy a good display, there are so many super cool light displays posted on Youtube.  Of course, the ultimate 2014 holiday display would have to include Frozen!  Here are two videos I love featuring "Let it Go" from Frozen.

I love all of the snowflakes on the house in the first video!  They remind me of Cinderella Castle with way they twinkle.  (I told Eliot we have to get twinkle lights someday.)  Also, you've gotta love the cactus in the middle!

Watch the beginning of the second video closely.  Did you catch Elsa on the sides of the house at the beginning?  Cool!  Also, is that Elsa singing in the window underneath the center underneath the tree on the roof?  I can't tell.  I love the sparkling lights on the entire house.  (Must find sparkling twinkle lights!)

Let the (eventual) "Cady Christmas Light Spectacular" planning begin... "Let it Go!"  °o°

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