Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Season Craziness

Hi Friends!  I wanted to check in and say hi!  Has is really been over a week since I last posted?  Yikes!  We've been really, really busy around here.  If I thought the rest of 2014 was crazy busy, I had no idea what I was thinking!  The holiday season is always busy, but this year has been insane.  But in a good way.

The past few weeks, I've been busy with Happily Ever Hatter orders.  I'm working hard to make sure everyone gets their products in time for the holidays!  I've also started working on a few new designs.  I'm hoping to bring a few more of them to Florida to debut at Walt Disney World over marathon weekend!  Speaking of Florida...

We leave for Walt Disney World 3 weeks from TODAY!!!  Wait, what?

Photo Source: WDW Facebook Page
Yes, that's right.  I've been so busy the past few weeks that I completely missed my own "one month to go" countdown.  I barely know how many days we have left for the trip since I've been awful about counting down this time around.  (21 apparently!)  I'll have to get better about that.  I mean.. it's Walt Disney World!!!

I've also been attempting to decorate our house for Christmas.  That has been a joke. There's no other way to describe it.  We have a few things up, but our Christmas tree is currently bare- no ornaments, no Tinker Bell topper, no lights.  It's a sad sight.  It did have lights, but we had to move it around to make room for the delivery of our new television. (A present from both Eliot's and my parents.)  The lights haven't been put back on yet. This week we'll get to it.  I hope.  Maybe?  Either way, Eliot and I have agreed that if we're putting in the effort, it's staying up for a while.  (It's safe to say we'll be "those" people with our tree still up in February!  Don't worry, it's fake!)  As for Hanukkah, it starts tonight and Eliot hasn't even brought up any of the decorations from the basement.  We technically have eight days, but I'm not holding my breath...

Aside from finishing up Happily Ever Hatter orders this week, I'm trying to focus on getting our Christmas cards out.  I've got most of that ready to go.  Hopefully I can get them completed before the week is over.  Our friends and family know the cards are coming since I begged everyone for addresses.  Now, I just have to find time to put them together and mail them.  It will happen.  I'm determined.

Our 2013 Christmas Card Design
I have some exciting news!  We got the keys to our new office!  We've slowly been moving in over the past few weeks.  Yesterday was the first day we were open to our patients and I'm very excited about that.  My new position is taking some adjusting to get used to but I'm very excited about how things are going.  (Ha ha... a chiropractor's office and "adjusting".  I made a pun without even meaning to!)

Finally, I'm going to make an effort to work more on my blog the rest of this month.  It's definitely fallen off the wagon the past few weeks.  My goal of 150 entries for the year seems almost impossible now.  I've only posted 3 times so far in December and it's already the 16th!  Yikes!  Maybe I can pull it off?  I guess we'll see!

Anyways, I still have plenty of holiday projects I'm trying to work on.  Hopefully I can share some of those with you soon!  (And some decorations.  And Christmas card designs.  And new hat designs...)  Clearly it's time for me to get back to work!  °o°

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