Thursday, June 11, 2015

Birthdays & Puzzles & Toys, Oh My!

As you can imagine from my lack of posts, we've had a few busy weeks here.

Eliot and I went to my parents' house about a month ago to celebrate my best friend Katie's Birthday.  We went out to a few of the local places in Bar Harbor, neither of which I'd been to before.  It was a great night, with great friends, blueberry cosmos, sangria and a MacAttack burger.  (It was a plain burger with macaroni and cheese on it.  Surprisingly delicious!)  It was nice to take a break from our normal routine.

Before we left Ellsworth, we met up with my brother who was on his way to stay with Mom and Dad during his vacation week.  While we had dinner, Eliot and I talked with Jeremy about our top secret business plans and he shared a few of his own.  (We're three peas in a pod with the way we all think!)  Jeremy also gave us the Little Mermaid tsum tsums he was able to get us from the Disney Store!

Back home, I've been hard at work on a few different projects- mostly scrapbook swaps and making Happily Ever Hatter orders.  I mailed out a swap a few weeks ago and I'm currently working on two more for June!  I'll be sure to post those once I get my packages in the mail!  I think they're going to be awesome!!!

I've had two custom orders for Happily Ever Hatter.  I've been working with a customer for about a month and half on a custom Jungle Cruise Ear Headband design.  We wanted to get it just right and I'm so pleased with how they came out!  I think the ears were a great tribute to the ride.  They're definitely very detailed!

I've also been working on another custom design for a friend who wanted a pair of Jake and the Neverland Pirate ears for her nephew and Elsa for her niece.  I've been wanting to design a pair of Jake ears for awhile now so this was the perfect excuse to push it to the top of my to do list.  I love how they came out!  Aren't they cute?

I'm missing Disney a lot right now.  Between the 24 hour parties and the start of Disneyland's' 60th, Eliot and I have been having major withdrawals.  We ordered our WDW Annual Passholder Magic Bands the other day.  It was exciting to get those even if we aren't going for a few more months.  I won't complain about Disney mail!

We've been checking out items in our local stores to get a bit of a Disney fix.  One of our favorites are the TsumTsums offered at Target.  We bought Donald, Dumbo and Eeyore.  We also found Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles!!!  We've been collecting these for a while and have quite a few.  (We put them together and frame them to use as artwork!)  We brought Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty home with us.

We've also had a few Disney finds at Wal-Mart.  While we were home for Katie's birthday, we found a Frozen Fever beach towel!!!  I've been looking at the Disney towels where we live for weeks and I've never seen a Frozen Fever towel!  (Needless to say, that "jumped" right off the shelf and into our shopping cart.)  We also found a few more Thomas Kincade puzzles.  This time we brought home both the Bambi and Snow White puzzles.  Then, we stumbled across something wonderful... 

Our big find was a Fisher Price toy.  About now, you're probably thinking that we're crazy.  We currently have no children to play with this toy, but it was too good to pass up.  I stumbled across it while Eliot was in another aisle looking at puzzles.  There it was, sitting on the shelf calling out to me.  I took a closer look and realized it was a mini Magic Kingdom/Disneyland all rolled into one.  The toy has a castle with fireworks, a train, It's a Small World ride, Dumbo, and the tea cups.  There are also Disney details just like the theme parks.  I showed Eliot and he caved too.  It was too perfect of a toy to pass up.  Hopefully someday we'll be blessed with children who can play with it.  (In the meantime, we might be tempted to play around with it ourselves, ha!)

We can't complain.  While we may not have been at the 60th Anniversary kick off in person, we've still gotten some diamond celebration magic delivered to us.  Eliot made a personal shopper friend in one of his Vinylmation groups online and she was willing to get us the Cinderella Carriage and Blue Mickey Balloon popcorn buckets!  Yay!  In addition to those, Eliot's family bought us some Disneyland 60th merchandise while they were there for the 24 hour party.  He's told me we're going to receive a package sprinkled with pixie dust at some point.

In the meantime, we're gearing up for Elissa to come stay with us for a month!  I've got a few ideas for projects we can do while she's here.  I'm also planning to get working on more new designs for hats and headbands!  My to do list keeps growing, but I'm really excited for what's in store!  °o°

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