Monday, June 29, 2015

Color Runs

Yesterday, Eliot and I did our second Color Run.  You might recall us participating in our first Color Run last year.  We did it with a ton of our friends and had a blast.

We've been planning this year's event with our friends for months.  Last year, we wore Pocahontas themed shirts that I designed and we were Team Colors of the Wind.  This year's Color Run 2015 theme is "We Shine" and the race included a shiny glittery powder.  Of course, I automatically thought of pixie dust and Tinker Bell.  Thus, our theme this year was born.  We decided to wear t-shirts and lime sparkle skirts.  I came up with the slogan "faith, trust, sprinkle me with pixie dust" and made a design with Tinker Bell for our shirts.  (Even when I don't run at Disney, I still run Disney.)

We couldn't get the shirts screen printed in time for the race, so Eliot and I decided to try ourselves.  Eliot bought a screen printing kit, but it didn't go as planned.  We didn't want to be "prinkled with pixie" by a scary fairy version of Tink.

We were running out of time, so Eliot printed the design on iron-on paper I did them the night before.  Eliot's sister Elissa and I made the fabric strip skirts.  Those also didn't go as planned originally.  However, we modified the design and got them done in time.

I also made cute pom poms to surprise the girls with the day of the race!

We were ready to have a great time.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't on board with our race day plans.  It was pouring out.  I was drenched before we even got the start line.  My shoes were also soaked and I was terrified that I'd ruined my brand new custom orthotics.  It was raining hard, windy and cold out.  Not fun.

Eliot, Elissa, Katie and I met up with the rest of our team under a porch near the start line.  Thankfully, we got to dry out for a few minutes while we waited for my cousin Karen.  We changed into ponchos and took a few photos.  Sadly, we never took a team before photo.  But we did get a cute photo with all of our shoe pom poms!

The Color Run race itself wasn't completely awful.  They started people whenever they arrived.  We were some of the last group to start but there were still tons of people behind us.  I was miserable the first mile.  Once I took my glasses off, I could actually see so that helped.  My poncho kept me dry for the most part.  My shoes were so wet that puddles actually felt good after a while.  The colors on our shirts ran together so we were all the colors of the "rain"bow.

I have to admit: I was pretty excited that we got a finisher medal this year.  The medals are pretty cute and I love the bright rainbow ribbon!  

Eliot and I saved our powder packets so we could enjoy them some time when it wasn't raining.  At this point, we have enough powder to host our own mini Color Run!

Once we all finished, we took a few team photos before calling it a day.  Eliot and I had planned to host another Disney Side BBQ after the race, but we were definitely rained out.  Instead, Eliot, Elissa, Katie and I went back to our house to shower and change into dry clothes.  Then, we enjoyed a great lunch at our local Longhorn Steakhouse.

While we didn't have as much fun as we did during Color Run 2014, we're definitely planning to do it again next year.  We're also thinking that our Tinker Bell costumes deserve a little bit more love, so look for more rainbow fairies next year!  °o°


  1. I love your (Disney) spirit!

    1. Thank you! I can't help it. The first thing I've thought of when signing up for both Color Runs was "what Disney theme can we work with?" ;-)