Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eliot's Olaf Birthday Party

Well, we pulled it off!  Eliot's surprise Olaf birthday party on Sunday was a success!!!

I've been planning this party for a while.  In fact, I've been planning it since we went shopping for my Tangled 30th birthday party supplies back in November.  I saw a giant Olaf balloon at the front of the party store when an idea hit me... why not have an Olaf themed party for Eliot?  Eliot absolutely loves all things Olaf.  Surely there was enough Olaf themed birthday party stuff to pull it off?

After consulting with a few friends on the best time to have it, we chose the weekend before his actual birthday.  (Which was yesterday.)  I told my parents and we began planning.  The hardest part was trying to plan it while keeping it a secret.  It's not easy to plan a surprise party that you're hosting at your own house!

Thankfully, my family is awesome and they really helped me out.  Mom, Dad and Nana are the reason I was able to pull the party off.  After having dinner Saturday night, they went to the party store to get all of the supplies for me.  (I distracted Eliot by taking him to buy Eeyore an Olaf Hawaiian shirt at Build-A-Bear.)  They hid all of the party stuff at their hotel for the night.  Nana even babysat the giant Olaf balloon for us!

Sunday morning, Dad took Eliot up to Sears to buy his birthday present.  Mom and I had decided that was the most reasonable way to get the guys out of the house.  After that, Dad's job was to do anything to keep Eliot away while we prepared.  (Apparently, they went to Home Depot and then they killed more time looking at cars and houses.)

Meanwhile, Mom and I went grocery shopping.  Then Mom, Nana and I prepped the food and decorated the house.  We couldn't do too much in the time we were allotted, but I was happy with it.  Most importantly, I didn't think Eliot was on to us.

Our guests arrived right as scheduled!  I was really excited to catch up with BJ, Katie and Jenn since we hadn't seen them since New Years.  (Katie, Kathleen, Karen and my brother Jeremy all had things come up last minute.)  I also brought out Eeyore, Duffy, Brother and their mini Olaf.  Both Eeyores were in their Olaf Hawaiian shirts for the occasion.  They couldn't miss the party!

Eventually, Dad and Eliot made it back and Eliot was completely surprised!  Yay!!!  We had a great time hanging out with our friends and my family, laughing at stories, and munching on the snacks we'd gotten.  Everyone loved the cupcakes and cake.  Thank you Wal-Mart bakery!  I couldn't cook a cake or cupcakes with Eliot around!  However, I did personalize the cake a little by adding the Olaf marshmallow pop that I've been hiding in the cupboard since Christmas.  (Don't worry... it doesn't expire until 2016.)

Eliot got some great Olaf themed goodies from our friends, as well as some of his favorite raspberry sugar cookies from Nana.  Mom and Dad bought him the jig saw he's wanted for over a year.  (Now he can work on all of the projects we've cooked up!)

Most importantly, Eliot was thrilled and I know he was touched that we went to so much work to celebrate his birthday with him!  °o°

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