Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun Find: Inside Out Emojis

It's time for another Fun Find Friday!!!  Today, we're taking a look at Inside Out Emojis!

Those of you who use Facebook Messenger are probably well aware of the stickers you can send to your friends.  If not, I'm about to blow your mind.  You can "download" stickers to send to others on Facebook.  (Read more about how to do that here.)

A lot of movies have designed stickers to promote their movies.  I've also downloaded stickers from Hunger Games, Minions, Frozen and Disney-Pixar.  However, my newest obsession are the Inside Out emoji stickers.  I've actually had these on my Fun Find list for a while.  They've been available since before the movie was released!

Since the characters in the movie are based on emotions, these are perfect.  Eliot and I use them regularly now.  In fact, we can have entire conversations just in emojis.  Our wallets crying like Sadness seems to be a regular trend.  (Disney, will you stop with all the cool merchandise already?!?!)  I'd also like to note that in both these examples, Eliot's sending me links to cool merchandise.  He's clearly an enabler.

Aren't these fun?  In the second conversation I can picture Eliot rolling his eyes at me like Disgust while I'm saying "you know you love me!"  The best part is that there are multiple images of each character.  Here's what the entire collection looks like.

Image from Facebook
If you like them go download them to your sticker book before they're no longer available!  I've heard that people who didn't already get the Frozen stickers can't get them now!  (Which is a tragedy- ecstatic jumping Olaf is another personal favorite sticker of mine!)  Have fun expressing your thoughts and emotions.  °o°


  1. I've been looking for these emojis but it look like they are no available anymore 😕

    1. Unfortunately, I don't think they're available to download anymore! 🙁 I believe that I still have access to mine, but I have no idea how to get them now. I'm sorry! 😞