Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 2015 Calendar

Hello friends!  I'm sorry that I've been missing for the past few days.  Eliot and I are trying to get settled into our new house.  I literally just hooked my desktop computer up.  It's been two weeks since it was last plugged in!  Here is my long overdue free December Mickey and Minnie printable calendar!

My printable calendars are always my most popular posts!  I'm incredibly honored to share another year of calendars with you and to and bring joy to so many Disney fans!

Here's the link to download the December 2015 PDF version of the printable.

These calendars are perfect for trip countdowns or for teachers and Disney themed classrooms.  They're also perfect for training calendars for runDisney events!

Feel free to link this post up to Pinterest or Facebook so your friends and family can have a fun Mickey and Minnie calendar too!  Let's spread the Disney Magic!!!  °o°

Note: I've made calendars through 2016.  I don't post the PDF links on my blog until the beginning of each month.  If you're looking for a particular month and would like me to email it to you ahead of my post going live, you can send my blog an email at mydisneylifeblog[at]  Then, I'll send you the PDFs directly.  :-)


  1. I tried emailing you, but it shows up as unrecognized.
    We are flying out on the 21st of Feb and I am trying to find a calendar to print out for our 4 year old who is not as understanding of the time frame as our 8 and 13 year olds.
    How do I make mine look like yours, with the colored ears and numbers on them? Thanks!

    1. Hello! That's really weird. Did you change the [at] to the at symbol? I've had a few people get bounced emails back because of that! I used my InDesign file to create my red and yellow Mickeys and the numbers. I'm not sure of a way to do it without the original computer file unless you color them in and then add the numbers. I'm sorry I couldn't help more!